This is dedicated to two drinks you can find in the grocery store.

One with booze, one without.

Both magically delicious.

My latest grocery store obsessions:

1) V8 Protein Shakes


As of late I’ve been on a mission to find a shake I can easily drink in the morning, in place of “breakfast.” Lets face it: breakfast, depending on what you make, takes time! When you just want to get up and go, a shake is an easy quick fix that fills you up before lunch. I wanted a shake I didn’t have to blend in the blender (which equals more time). Heading to the breakfast aisle at my local Kroger, I found a few options. The first few times I bought a favorite of mine as a kid, Carnation Instant Breakfast. I used to always have the powder you would mix in the milk (the vanilla kind), but now you can buy pre made bottles (which I would pick chocolate of course!). Out of that one, and the other one I saw (Special K), it had more protein, which was what I was hoping to find. I love Carnation Instant Breakfast and with 10 grams of protein in the ready to drink bottles, heck yes! But the one thing I saw that was NOT in the new V8 shakes compared to Carnation, was corn syrup. Another thing that brought V8’s new shakes to the forefront is more protein, 12 grams versus 10 in the other, along with having the equivalent to 1/4 cup of vegetables in the drink. While I will probably still buy Carnation drinks, I love the chocolate raspberry flavor of the V8 shake, it didn’t taste like V8 vegetable juice and it had more protein. Win! And with flavors similar to Carnation (vanilla, chocolate, chocolate raspberry), you will be sure to find a flavor you like.

2) Kahlua Vanilla White Russian pre mixed bottles


I only discovered within the past few years how much I really love White Russians. And with Kahlua and vodka as two of the ingredients, can you blame me? Yum. Walking through Kroger‘s liquor section and came across pre mixed bottles of not only a White Russian with Kahlua, but VANILLA added to it. AMAZING. For a quick little nightcap, this is a perfect drink for you all, it’s not too big or small, fits in a small cocktail glass. And if you’re looking for other Kahlua creations that are premixed, they have a regular White Russian, a Mudslide, and Kahlua with milk.

Enjoy 🙂

COMMENT BELOW: Do you have a favorite breakfast shake that you drink in the morning? Please share!