Yesterday I decided to venture out into Hamptons-land. More specifically, South Fork-land.

Why, you ask?

I love exploring. I’ve been through the South Fork a few times, but I’ve only really stopped at a few towns there.

I saw many things in my travels, such as the Bridgehampton Candy Kitchen where Mr. Justin Bieber and Ms. Selena Gomez were about a month ago eating ice cream. “Oh that’s the place where Justin Bieber was!” I said to myself driving solo in my car, jamming out to the radio.

The greatest thing about my little exploratory drives?

You never know what you’re going to find, and you may just find a big, awesome surprise.

The first thing I found was this beautiful shopping plaza called “Bridgehampton Commons” in Bridgehampton, N.Y. The wooden sign made it seem like it was a condominium complex, but lo and behold it was a huge shopping center with stores you’d normally find at malls (i.e. Victoria’s Secret, American Eagle Outfitters, etc.) I spent a good hour walking around Bridgehampton Commons yesterday in the overcast cloudy weather and thoroughly enjoyed myself.

But the second surprise was on the way back home , right off of route 27.

Since 27 (and many of the Hamptons roads in general) is notorious for the one huge line of backed up, slow going traffic, my eyes lit up at a sign ahead for fresh corn and tomatoes.

If there’s two things that myself, my mom and dad eat a ton of, it’s fresh corn on the cob, and sliced tomatoes with Russian dressing.

Since the traffic was slow going anyway, I figured I’d take a stop off to this huge, amazing farm stand, Hayground Market, in Bridgehampton, N.Y., to see what I could find.

Once I found out they took all major credit cards, it was like hitting the jackpot! My eyes lit up widely as I perused the fresh fruit and vegetables. I saw HUGE eggplants, fresh cucumbers, plums, peaches and more. But those aside, I was really there for the corn and tomatoes.

Long, skinny, fresh ears of sweet corn were on sale for 55 cents an ear, so I got 6. That meant two each for mom, dad, and I for dinner that night.

And the tomatoes? I got four. Yes, it was almost $3 a pound for them, but you know what? It was SO worth spending a little extra. The woman behind the counter said she thought I found the biggest ones they had at the stand. I couldn’t agree more:

When my dad got home last night, he turns to me and says about the biggest one in the picture above, “This one must weigh over a pound!”

My parents and I loved the tomatoes so much, we were reminded of the amazing, huge New Jersey beefsteak tomatoes we used to get when I was really young. These local, Long Island beefsteak tomatoes were juicy, tangy yet so sweet. These melted in your mouth. It was an exciting dinner last night.

While I don’t have pictures of the corn, I can tell you, it was some of the sweetest, most delicious corn I’ve had all summer.

The total of my bill there was $18.18. However, you really are paying for the quality. These veggies were SO good.

So my friends, if you’re looking for an amazing, delicious addition to your meals and you happen to be out in the Hamptons this week or this weekend, please check out Hayground Market in Bridgehampton. You’ll recognize the market by its HUGE statue of Popeye in the parking lot.

And hey, who doesn’t love Popeye? It’s a great photo opportunity, as well.

Hayground Market

1616 Montauk Hwy.

Bridgehampton, N.Y. 11932