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TOLEDO: Real Seafood Company


TOP PHOTO: Toledo skyline BOTTOM PHOTO: The Docks, Toledo.

There’s something magical about the water. The salty air, the breeze that sweeps your face, and when the sun shines on it, how that water glistens.

I really wanted to be near the water this past weekend. Living in Connecticut, New York and New Jersey growing up, I remember from being a little kid up until now always connecting with water, whether it be a beach, lake, pond, etc.

This past week I was really craving that experience. Cincinnati and Columbus are both cities I’ve been to here in Ohio that are on the water, but as I love to explore and venture to new cities, I decided to travel north to Toledo.

When traveling to any new city, a great guide to check out before you go is the city’s tourism (CVB) website. In this case, I was browsing Destination Toledo for my “plan.”

Perusing the restaurant section, I read about this place near the water called “The Docks,” in which the website described it as the following:

“Discover acclaimed waterfront dining at The Docks, a restaurant complex on the banks of the Maumee River. Savor daily fresh catches from Real Seafood Co., which also features a raw oyster bar. ”

I immediately knew I needed to check this out. After driving through the downtown area (which reminded me of the city of Dayton except Toledo on a huge body of water), I drove over to The Docks, which is directly across the Toledo skyline (see picture above, great photo opportunities here!)

I got there in the afternoon, so it was perfect timing for lunch. I had a choice to make, there were choices such as  Zia’s, an Italian restaurant, Real Seafood Company with its fresh seafood, El Vaquero at The Docks, Mexican food.

Of those three, I next consulted with the app Urbanspoon for user reviews of these restaurants.

After reading them, ultimately, my gut was saying, “I WANT SEAFOOD!”


I’m SO glad I made that choice. Here’s why:


The atmosphere: Immediately walking into the restaurant, I was impressed by the decor, and the friendly waitstaff. Right off the bat the staff were very kind and as the hostess escorted me to my table, I had told her how it was my first time to Toledo. The waiter I had overheard this, and later in the meal, chatted with me about Toledo, as well as Dayton (he used to come to the Gem City to visit). Two words to sum up the decor: classy and bold. There are details in the walls, from the nautical paintings that were painted on the walls, to the words above the open kitchen listing the fish the restaurant serves, to the colorful display on the wall that’s near the restrooms, to one part of the restaurant with the beautiful mesh covering a section of booths. This restaurant is HUGE,  an open floor plan that has different levels, including a big glass fireplace in the middle of the restaurant you can be seated next to. There’s a hanging lobster from the ceiling (see picture above!). The seating itself was comfortable, tables and chairs as well as booths (I sat in a booth). And with it being right on the water, there were great views of the Toledo skyline that you can sit and look at. Another thing I loved, love songs were playing throughout the restaurant (i.e. “Kiss From a Rose” by Seal).

What I ate/drank: Rolls, bleu cheese cole slaw, Parmesan Encrusted George’s Bank Lemon Sole with skillet fried hash brown potatoes , chocolate decadence cake, diet coke.

Price: The Parmesan encrusted sole was $14.95, which came with the homemade rolls and bleu cheese cole slaw, on top of the side dish of the hash browns.

With the cake, diet cokes, and tip, I paid a total of  $31.90.

My thoughts: When I first got there, I had asked the waiter to break down for me the popular dishes. He explained how the fish is fresh caught and fresh delivered to the restaurant each morning. He took me through the lunch menu and which fresh fish I should look out for, the featured specials (which change frequently), but it was when he got excited about the Parmesan encrusted sole in the lemon sauce, I got excited and was sold on that. The service was a good pace: I wasn’t rushed yet the food came out at a reasonable time. The waiter first brought out warm homemade rolls with perfectly cut triangles of butter.

House made rolls. These came with my lunch entree.
House made rolls. These came with my lunch entree.

The fact these were served warm really made them amazing. When you cut these open, there’s fresh garlic inside, on top of the poppy and sesame seeds you see on the top there. They were light and not overly dough-y. Delicious.

Homemade bleu cheese coleslaw vinaigrette
Homemade bleu cheese coleslaw vinaigrette

The waiter then brought a small dish of its homemade bleu cheese cole slaw. It wasn’t the creamy kind, which I loved. The cole slaw was light, the vegetables were crunchy, not soggy, and the blend of the big chunks of bleu cheese and the fresh black pepper I had the waiter put on was a great “appetizer” before the main event.

PARMESAN ENCRUSTED GEORGE’S BANK LEMON SOLE with skillet fried hash brown potatoes, $14.95 (LUNCH PORTION)

The main event was incredible. I’ve had a fair share of seafood in my life thus far, and this was really some of the best I’ve had. The crust and the lemon sauce really brought it over the top, along with the scallion garnish. The sole itself was cooked great (moist, not dry, bright white inside). The crust was crisp but not super greasy. The lemon sauce, paired with the Parmesan from the crust was a nice sweet/savory blend I enjoyed. And the waiter recommended I get the hash browns crispy, which I’m glad I did, because those were great too, not greasy, but with a great crunch.

Homemade decadence chocolate cake.
Homemade decadence chocolate cake.

My sweet tooth couldn’t resist the also homemade chocolate decadence cake: a flourless chocolate cake in a tart berry sauce. It was magic. Creamy, chocolate filled bites of heaven.

Why you should go:  The seafood was some of the best I’ve ever had. The atmosphere is beautiful: you can take in views of the city of Toledo on the water while enjoying VERY fresh seafood. The restaurant is a 2014 Diners Choice winner from the popular online reservation site OpenTable, and if you go on a busy night or weekend, especially now that its getting warmer, I recommend making a reservation either on that website or by phone. If you go in the afternoon however, you won’t have trouble getting a table. The restaurant also has a six-foot raw bar with clams, mussels, and other fresh catches. The restaurant is so big it can accommodate big parties as well.  And if you don’t love seafood,  not to worry. The menu also has chicken and steak entrees as well as a variety of sandwiches and burgers. There’s something for everyone. As I flat out said on my personal Facebook page, RUN, don’t walk to Real Seafood Company!

22 Main St.
Toledo, OH 43605

Reservations at:
(888) 456-3463 (DINE)

Hours of Operation
Mon-Thursday 11:00am-10:00pm
Friday 11:00am-11:00pm
Saturday 11:30am-11:00pm
Sunday 12:00pm-9:00pm

Happy Hours
Sunday-Friday 4:00pm-Close (drink specials end at 9:00pm)
(Bar & lounge area only)

DAYTON: Guess Who Dined At Butter?

There’s just something so compelling, so moving about “Adia.”

I remember watching this video constantly as a child. I’m fascinated by music videos. To this day, whenever I watch the “Adia” one I analyze it. The singing-in-slow-motion-as-the-rest-of-the-world-moves-quicker. She’s one of my favorite singers (and the tally count is now six seven times I have listened to the song via YouTube as I write this).

Earlier today, Dayton Daily News reported Ms. McLachlan dined at a breakfast spot in Dayton: Butter Cafe.

In fact, according to the Dayton Daily News, she liked Butter so much, she visited twice in her short stay in Dayton. She had visited to perform in a benefit concert with the Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra for the Kettering Health Network at the Schuster Center.

And here’s what she had, according to Dayton Daily News:

Saturday: Southwest scramble, one cappuccino

Sunday: Two cappuccinos, yogurt, side of sausage, oatmeal with chopped pecans, bananas & strawberries.

Also, according to Butter’s owner, Amy Beaver, McLachlan and her companion who went with her to the restaurant also shared “an omelette and bacon” together, as well as its French Toast Kabobs (which look and sound AMAZING: two pieces of French toast skewered with grilled strawberries and pineapple, drizzled with honey and sprinkled with toasted coconut, served over a strawberry puree. $7.95, and only available until 11:30 a.m.!). Sarah made excellent choices.

I’ve been to Butter Cafe several times since moving here to Dayton.

It’s situated in the U.D. district, on Brown St. You can’t miss it, with it’s bright, cheery yellow hue, and sign with indeed, a stick of butter on it.

When you walk inside, the first word that comes to my head is “cute.” There are white tables and chairs scattered through the main floor, and a stairway up to more tables in the back. Artwork lines the walls. One in particular that strikes me each time I’ve been is a skyline, which I believe is Dayton’s. To the left as you walk in, a case filled with house-made baked goods, that according to its website, are changed daily. And a chalkboard with the “wait list” to get in.

On weekends, it DEFINITELY packs a big crowd, so if you want brunch, get there early. The times I went, I got there earlier in the morning, and it wasn’t so crowded, but when I left, started to get a bit of a line.

The water comes in mason jars.

The wait staff, friendly.

And breakfast is served all day at Butter.


All. Day.

Here’s some pictures from when I visited last month for the first time:

Spring Omelette (minus sprouts). $9
Coffee. $2
Banana Nut Pancakes. $6.75
Banana Nut Pancakes. $6.75

Its omelettes are full of flavor: light, airy and fluffy eggs, and utilize a smart choice of ingredients. The spring omelette has chevre cheese, tomatoes, turkey, lemon creme fraische and sprouts. I opted out on the sprouts, which I did not miss. The creme fraische on top balances the omelette, it’s a touch sweet, with herbs for a fresh texture. The seasoned house potatoes are different from any potatoes at a breakfast place I’ve ever had. If those weren’t Yukon Gold’s I’m not sure what they were, because they sure looked and tasted like fresh Yukon Gold’s, with herbs and spices. Not greasy at all.  And the banana nut pancakes were fluffy and chock full of fresh bananas and pecans. If you’re a coffee drinker, its coffee is delicious; a nice strong roast.

One thing I recommend as well is to try the make-your-own-omelette. You can add in a slew of ingredients, such as turkey sausage, avocado, and goat cheese.

The prices are right too: you’d probably spend about $20 for two people for breakfast.

If you’re looking to do brunch in the Dayton, I definitely recommend Butter. No doubt about it. Love the food, the atmosphere, the staff and decor.

And Sarah McLachlan likes it too!

Butter Cafe

1106 Brown Street

Dayton, OH


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