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Food News! Episode 12

THANK YOU to those who have been watching my #Periscope broadcasts!

This is episode #12 that I put out today, and here’s what I talked about:

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Food News! Episode 11!

There’s SO much going on this week in food news.

Some stuff I didn’t even get to, really.

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LONG ISLAND: Grandma Pizza at Miller Place Pastaria

The local neighborhood joints really can speak for themselves.

My family ordered a pizza from Miller Place Pastaria tonight and instead of the classic Cheese Pizza, we opted for the Grandma Old Fashioned pizza:

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Food News! Episode 4

From a massive shortage of a staple in your kitchens, to a McDonald’s stepping up its A game, here’s KAT EATS…Food News , Webisode 4!

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…An Ode To a Longtime Tradition.

NOTE: Please play the following song in the background as you read this. Cue the music!

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Food News! Episode 3

From a California guy living the #ChipotLIFE to pizza being delivered on trains (Yes!!) – here’s your weekly dose of food news via #Periscope (and a heartwarming bonus at the end):

Cool Articles 10/9-10/22

This post is going to be chock full of cool articles!

These come from some of my favorite foodie sources: Eater, BuzzFeed Food, The Daily Meal and Serious Eats.

Here are some cool articles for you to check out:

1) Inspired Desserts from the New York Wine and Food Festival Godiva Truffle Showdown, Serious EatsThere was a Godiva Truffle Showdown at this year’s New York Food & Wine Festival, and get ready to feast your eyes on a slideshow of mouth-watering, decadent chocolate treats, because you are in for one tasty ride!

2) 18 Reasons Pizza is Your Best Friend, BuzzFeed Food: This is a super fun read. Especially with the pictures. It tells the tale of why pizza is, and will always be with you for the long haul. From Lunchables, to Bagel Bites, to late night munchies. Yum.

3) 23 Most Glorious Balls of Cheese, BuzzFeed FoodWho doesn’t love cheese? And who doesn’t love a big ball of cheese? But honestly, I would not eat the one that looks like a rat (would you? Do tell below!)

4) 13 Things You Didn’t Know about Dunkin Donuts, The Daily Meal: Time to make the donuts! The Daily Meal puts out a fun list of things you (may) not have known about the coffee/donut shop. Something I didn’t know:

There are Dunkin’ Donuts coffee experts that taste an average of 200 cups of coffee a day to ensure that they’re delivering the best possible coffee to consumers.”

Did you know this? That’s so cool! Can you imagine being a coffee taster for #DD? Brilliant.


Cool Article of the Week — 8/18- 8/24

This cool article of the week comes from one of my favorite foodie sources: Serious Eats, from its pizza blog called Slice.

If you love pizza, you’re going to LOVE this article.

Have you ever wanted to learn how you toss the pizzas in the air?

I certainly have…Raise your hand if you’ve tried this out ::raises hand:: .

It’s not an easy task!

But the chef in the video within the article, which uses a cool go-pro video camera I might add, put together a great time-lapse video of how a pizza is made, to some music that will make you want to clap your hands and bop along.

I truly enjoyed it…And am now craving some pizza.

Where’s your favorite place to get pizza?

Enjoy 🙂

LONG ISLAND — NATIONAL PIZZA MONTH – Vegetable Personal Pizza at Miller Place Pastaria

Have you ever had an “a-ha!” moment? That moment when you’re doing something (or eating something), where everything just clicks and you want to burst out and say “A-ha!”

This happened to me while eating pizza with my dad this afternoon.

One thing I’ll tell you about myself and my family: we have a lot of places we frequent in our area where we live. Is it the same for you all, where there is that group of familiar neighborhood restaurants you head to because they are just that amazing?

One place my family and I go to often is Miller Place Pastaria.

Not only does the pastaria have amazing Italian pasta dishes and entrees, but it also has fondue (which is very popular), amazing seafood dishes (salmon francese!), and of course, pizza.

This morning dad told me he was craving a vegetable pizza from the pastaria, so we immediately hopped in the car and headed over to the pastaria. We were greeted by the owner / chef, Charles Zein, who showed us our table.

We decided on splitting a personal sized veggie pizza, as the only other option was an 18″ large, which to us was way too big for two people.

This pizza was worth our wait:

Never have I tasted a vegetable pizza with vegetables tasting so…fresh…not salty…not processed or preserved. It was the perfect size for two, we each had three tiny slices that filled us right up. The broccoli was soft and texturally mixed well with the sweet red onions, tangy and sweet green peppers, and the meaty mushrooms. The sauce was sweet, tangy and flavorful, not too tart and not too sweet.

It was the crust and dough gave me the “A-ha!” moment, though.

The dough was so light, yet had a very slight crisp on the bottom at the same time. The crust was light with a slight crisp too, but it was particularly sweeter than most doughs I had. I actually thought of zeppole’s when I ate it. But I liked it.


Besides the pizza, the pastaria has a very warm, inviting atmosphere with the golden yellow hue on the walls, the gorgeous paintings and the soft classics playing on the speakers overhead. There are specials there almost everyday, including prix fixe Early Bird menus, Two-For-Tuesdays and different pizza specials throughout the week. Not to mention the amazing, friendly staff!

If you’re around the MP area, Miller Place Pastaria is a must try.

343 Route 25A

Miller Place, N.Y. 11764

1 631.928.4467

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