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REVIEW: Think Jerky

Last week I chatted with the man behind Think Jerky: the jerky that’s hoping to shake up the jerky industry with cutting edge flavors developed by famous chefs. (Check out my interview here.)

Today, I am excited to say I’m putting Think Jerky to the test.

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Q&A: Ricky Hirsch, CEO of Think Jerky


What do you think of when you hear the words “beef jerky?”

Dried meat, yes.

A protein-rich snack, most definitely.

High sodium content? For some, yes.

Beef jerky is said to have been around since as early as the 1500’s. A South American tribe, called the Quechua, named it “jerky,”(well, really it was called “ch’arki,” translating to “dried meat”) and was a form of preserving meat. Jerky was used as fuel for this tribe when they went out on long journeys!

Fast forward to today: it’s a snack devoured by many all over the world. And it’s not all about the beef either! There are MANY different kinds of jerky to choose from.

One company, based in Chicago, is looking to shake up the jerky game.

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