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DAYTON: Fusian

I’ve been dreaming of trying this place for a few weeks now. It’s just been locked in my brain: “Kat, you must go to Fusian, you must go to Fusian.”

Before I get into the restaurant itself and the food, I first want to say that I really was not sure if I was going to find good sushi here in Ohio.

Was I dead WRONG.

I love the sushi I’ve discovered at the Kroger near where I live, but I’ll tell you, after having the rolls from Fusian tonight, after eating the first bite of one of the rolls I literally said “Oh my GOD!” under my breath sitting by myself at the table. Deliciousness in EVERY bite.


The atmosphere:  Located in the food-centric area near the University of Dayton (friends, Brown St. has a gazillion restaurants all in one area. Definitely check it out!), it’s an airy, open space with tons of natural light coming in from the floor to ceiling windows in front. From the pictures above and below, there’s a lot of great lighting fixtures, and tons of seating, whether you want to sit more towards the ground at a table, or at the counter space in the middle, or there’s another counter space in front of the windows in front. Relaxed, chill music plays as you eat. Napkins, and soy sauces (low sodium and regular, yay!), at every table.


What I ate: I ordered two rolls that I customized. You can build your own rolls at Fusian (which is SO cool). I ordered a spicy salmon roll and a steak roll. For the spicy salmon roll, I got soy paper as my wrapper, then avocado, summer squash, scallions, carrots, then put spicy mayo and crunchies on top. For the steak roll, I was going to get a full steak roll but I came across the crab mix and decided to get half steak, half crab. I got soy paper for that one too, and inside is avocado, carrots, asparagus, then wasabi mayo and crunchies on top.

Spicy salmon roll.
Spicy salmon roll.


Steak and crab mix roll.
Steak and crab mix roll.


Price: $18.94 (for the two rolls and a fountain beverage). Awesome deal! $20 bill very well spent.

My thoughts: Holy moly. This was honestly some of the BEST sushi I’ve had in life thus far. No joke. As I said before, I literally talked to myself at the table, saying “Oh my GOD” under my breath, as to how awesome it was. I was very impressed with how fresh the ingredients were and how you control what goes into your rolls, versus most of the time when you have to pick out rolls already thought up of at the sushi bars. The two rolls I put together had great flavor combinations. The meal was light, I was full without being stuffed, and I felt like I had put clean, healthy food in my mouth versus getting fast food. I will say I loved the spicy mayo more than the wasabi mayo if I had to choose sauces tonight. But I’ll tell you, I was either eating these rolls up quick, or slowing myself down because I really wanted to savor each little piece of the roll. Also, look at how much FOOD you get for $18 including a drink. I have 20 pieces of rolls right here. And with fresh ginger and wasabi in the middle too (which made me tear up, that’s definitely a sign of good wasabi).


What else is on the menu:  Besides being able to customize and build your own roll, you can choose from one of the suggested rolls, such as the California roll (inside-out seaweed wrap, crab mix, avocado, cucumber, sweet soy, and sesame seed), spicy salmon (seaweed wrap, salmon, cream cheese, green onion,carrot, spicy mayo, and sesame seed), or surf and turf (seaweed wrap, braised steak, crab mix, cucumber, asparagus, wasabi mayo, sweet soy, and sesame chili). As far as sides go, you can get carrot-ginger salad, cucumber salad, seaweed salad, spicy edamame and miso soup. They’ve also introduced kale chips to the menu. For drinks, you can get sodas, water (with fruit in it, which to me was major kudos to them!), hot tea, beer and sake.


Why you should go: Plain and simple: you’re not going to find this specific concept in most places. If you check out the website, the story behind the restaurant is one reason to head there in itself. Three friends from childhood (whom I must say, are very good looking men!), took it upon themselves to have a fast, fresh, casual sushi restaurant. There’s one in the Cincinnati area, one in Dayton on Brown St., and there’s also one in Columbus. The concept looks similar to Chipotle, where there’s the counter with the assembly line, but that’s the incredibly fun part about it. How many times can you say you are able to go to a counter like this one, order your meat or fish, pick out the sushi wrapper you want, all the fillers, the sauces, and watch it be rolled and sliced right in front of your eyes (and if you’re wondering, these guys have machines to not only put the wrappers and rice together, but to slice the rolls too, the kids will love watching this!). Three more reasons I love Fusian’s concept: they stand by having all plant-based eco-friendly packaging materials such as the cups and straws, and its wastebaskets are separated into three columns: compost (where you put your trash and chopsticks and cups etc.), baskets (what the sushi comes in, plastic baskets), and recyclables (bottles and glass).  There’s also use of local produce, such as the summer squash coming from a farm out of Brookville, Ohio.

Compostable soy sauce cups!
Compostable soy sauce cups!

These guys BELIEVE in the power of healthy eating in our schools. The following video was another reason I wanted to make the trip to Fusian:

They’ve made a community initiative to serve sushi in schools in Dayton. How freaking cool is that?

Hats off to you three, keep doing what you’re doing. 🙂 Love, love LOVE this place. It’s a must go in my book!


1200 Brown St.
Dayton OH, 45409

p. 937.223.5173
f. 937.223.5149

monday-friday 11a – 10p
saturday-sunday 11a – 10p

DAYTON: First Friday Dayton Food Truck Rally

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Last night was First Friday here in Dayton.

For those who don’t know what First Friday entails, it’s a really fun, FREE, event in downtown Dayton to get Dayton people out of our homes, and to have some extra fun out and about in the city. It’s one of the many events put together by the Downtown Dayton Partnership.

There’s a variety of things to choose from while you’re  there, including live music, arts demonstrations, and of course, there’s food!

The Dayton Food Truck Rally is a fairly new event in the area. It seems more local food trucks are starting to pop up here in Dayton. And in the past few months alone, the actual Food Truck Rally downtown seems to have only gotten bigger as well.

Last night, on a whim, I went to see what the rally was all about. After finding some parking, I caught the tail end of the rally (it was scheduled from 5pm – 9pm, I got there around 8:30 – 8:45 ish). Boy, was it crowded! There were crowds of people standing around and eating, as well as checking out the different food trucks on display.

Here are the links to the two food trucks I checked out last night:

Ringo’s North Star Mobile Eatery

Harvest Mobile Cuisine

And if you would like to check out any of the food trucks that were at the Dayton Food Truck Rally (when they’re not rallying), check out the Dayton Food Trucks Facebook page. It’s a plethora of everything YOU need to know about the food trucks in the area.

Without further ado, here is the video of last night’s foodventure!


DAYTON: Dixie Dairy Dreem

IMG_3792 IMG_3790This afternoon I took a nature walk/hike at one of Dayton’s MetroParks. And afterwards, my mind, being the sweet tooth that I am, went to wanting some ice cream.

My first thought on where to go?

The Dixie Dairy Dreem.

My co-workers have been raving about it to me ever since I started my new job out here. I’ve been wanting to try it since, but just hadn’t gotten to this Dayton establishment yet. But here I am this afternoon, with the perfect opportunity.

The atmosphere:  IMG_3791This purple and off-white walk-up counter you can spot from down the road. It makes me think of candy, and the Willy Wonka chocolate factory from glancing at it. The Dixie Dairy Dreem has been around for 50, yes, 50 years, in Moraine, a suburb of Dayton. There’s parking on both sides of the building, and two counters to order ice cream (or food) from the outside. When I left, I also realized there’s a side entrance where you can eat inside (I didn’t go inside, so I cannot give my opinion on the inside, but the outside is awesome!). On a summer day like this, why not eat outside?

What I ate: A twist soft-serve ice cream cone in a waffle cone.

Price: $2.75 (according to its website).

My thoughts: It’s no wonder people love this place. The soft serve ice cream was light and airy, but had the perfect amount of thickness at the same time. The vanilla and chocolate tasted authentic and not overly sweet, it did NOT taste artificial. The waffle cone was delicious too, a nice crunch. With the ice cream in it, it didn’t get soggy. The only thing I would note is you’ll have to peel that paper wrapper off the waffle cone, and be careful of pieces of paper sticking to the cone (I didn’t eat all of my cone because of that, but I enjoyed it nonetheless).

What else is on the menu:  I’ll start with the frozen first. Besides chocolate, vanilla and twist soft serves (the “traditional” flavors, there are 24 additional flavors of soft serve and frozen yogurt to pick and choose from, including Amaretto, Butter Pecan, Peanut Butter, Kahlua, Key Lime, Cheesecake, and more. If you don’t want a cone, there are slushies, milkshakes, malts, freezes, ice cream sodas, sundaes and Arctic Swirls (like Dairy Queen’s Blizzards). If you want to eat some savory, regular food, there’s an assortment of hot dogs, burgers, sandwiches, appetizers (such as broccoli cheese bites, chicken fingers, fried mushrooms), and sides of french fries, onion rings, potato chips and cole slaw.

Why you should go: The first reason and foremost, the ice cream. On a summer day, you want some of that creamy goodness, and at those prices, you’ll be back again. Second, you have the choice of dining in or eating outside (although I didn’t eat in, on a summer day you’d want to eat outside). Third, the place itself is full of nostalgia where you can drive up and get your food. It’s a locally owned store, not a chain.


4542 S. Dixie Drive



Summer Hours

Memorial Day – Labor Day
11:00am to 10pm
Noon to 10pm
Spring & Fall Hours
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