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RECIPES: Slow Cooker Lemon Garlic Chicken

When it comes to dinner, what do you want out of it?

-Delicious? Yes

Easy to make? Yes

5 ingredients or less? Heck yes! 

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National Fried Chicken Day!

It’s an American classic meal.

Today is National Fried Chicken Day!

What’s your favorite kind of fried chicken?

My mom cooks an awesome baked version of the classic, which I have always loved.

But there are so many places to buy it too!

Today I decided to go with boneless fried chicken tenders from Popeyes . Yum!

Have you had its Mardi Gras Mustard sauce before? Delish!

COMMENT BELOW: Where do you go to get your favorite fried chicken?

DINNER IDEA: Chicken Tortellini Stew

When it comes to cooking, soup is no means my strongest point.

I’ll never forget two instances in my life I tried to make it.

One time, in my senior year of college, I tried to make a homemade cream of broccoli soup. Sounds easy right?

I heated up all of the ingredients, put them in my blender. Turned it on.




Remnants of my soup, everywhere in my apartment kitchen. On the counters, on the floor. The “soup” had actually pushed the bottom lid of the blender open, causing all of it to fall out. Whoops.

That was a fun cleanup.

Another time, living on Long Island with my parents, I attempt to make a beef barley soup. I poured the bag of barley in with the broth. Didn’t realize it expands like woah. I ended up putting too much barley in , and actually burned the soup. It tasted just weird. Whoops.

Needless to say, for the most part, I’ve stuck to soup cans such as Progresso, and soups at restaurants such as Panera Bread (ooh that broccoli cheddar 🙂 ).

Tonight, my viewpoint is beginning to shift on soup making.

When you feel under the weather, an instinct of mine is to go for the hot liquids: tea and soup. I’ve had a little cold the past few days, so green tea has been a must (and of course, washing your hands like WOAH and hand sanitizing it up).

But the following recipe, via Crockin’ Girls, has me excited about soup making again. It hit the spot. This was honestly one of the EASIEST soups I’ve made, and it’s all thanks to my new crock pot.

Here’s the original recipe via Crockin’ Girls:

Chicken Tortellini Stew
Prep Time 15 mins
Cook Time 7 hrs  30 mins
Temp Low
Yield Serves 6-8

This is a recipe I just threw together one night. Now it has become a family favorite!!

by Tiffany


  • 5 or 6 Chicken Thighs
  • 2 Cups Peeled Carrots in 2 inch pieces (I used the easy ones in the bag)
  • 28 to 32 Ounces Chicken Broth
  • 1 Can Drained Peas
  • 12 Ounces Frozen Cheese Tortellini


  1. Step One

    Spray crock with non-stick cooking spray.

  2. Step Two

    Put chicken thighs and carrots in.

  3. Step Three

    Add 1 1/2 cups chicken broth.

  4. Step Four

    Cook for 4-5 hours on low.

  5. Step Five

    cut up chicken thighs, add peas and the rest of the chicken broth.

  6. Step Six

    Cook on low for the next hour or so.

  7. Step Seven

    Boil tortellini and drain.

  8. Step Eight

    Cook on low for the next 20 or 30 minutes.

Easy right?

I decided to make a few substitutions to the recipe.

I’m not the biggest fan of chicken thighs, so I used three chicken breasts instead. If you head to Kroger to pick up your ingredients, I’ve become a big fan of the Miller brand of poultry. It’s Amish Country poultry, and has a really good look to it when its raw (doesn’t look discolored), and when cooked its been very tender and soft, good flavor!)

I first stuck in my crock pot liner (I did NOT use cooking spray), then put the raw chicken, the 1.5 cups of chicken broth and a bag of baby carrots into my crock pot like so :


I let this mixture cook on low for 5 hours. What was great about letting the chicken cook with the broth and carrots is the carrot flavor really seeped into the broth.

Once the five hour mark came, I cut up the chicken breast with a fork and knife (it was already very soft by then). I added the rest of the 32 oz. box of broth and a can of Kroger no salt added (drained & washed) peas into the pot:


I let this mixture sit, no stirring, for another hour. Then when the hour mark came, in a separate sauce pot I boiled a bag of frozen cheese tortellini for 10 minutes. Drained it and put into my crockpot with the rest:


Then I let it cook for another half hour, on low the entire time.

And here’s the finished product:


LOVED this, not only for the simpleness of it, but the whole “less is more” saying really played out here. This stew (I feel its more a soup than stew), is filling. I ate this bowl and now I have a bunch of leftovers ready to go.

Now if you wanted, you could add some herbs or spices in there to give it your own kick, but I personally liked it like this.

Have you made soup? What’s your experience been with it?

What’s your favorite soup?


RECIPES — Trying out some “Hungry Girl” meals!!

Over the past few months I have been browsing Cooking Channel for different shows to watch on my DVR.

I had heard about the Hungry Girl T.V. show through commercials and through seeing some of my friends “liking” her page on Facebook. But it was until I sat down and watched the show did I realize how exciting a new venture I would get into! The first season of the show started in January 2011 and there will be a season two! HG is looking for input on her website right now as to what viewers want to see on the show next season.

Here’s what’s article on her 411 says about Ms. Lisa Lillien a.k.a. “Hungry Girl”:

courtesy of

Hungry Girl – Lisa Lillien isn’t a nutritionist, she’s just hungry.  She’s obsessed with food and wants to celebrate it…while still fitting into her pants.  This apparently has struck a chord since she has about 1 million fans who get her free newsletter, with millions more who read her weekly columns on Weight Watchers and Yahoo!

I signed up for her emails because I was curious as to what she was saying in them. Lillien and her HG team write great tips on what “swaps” to make when buying food and making healthy choices.

After watching a bunch of the episodes on my DVR, I was so excited to actually eat the food. Everything she made on the screen looked delicious and I was excited and eager to try it all!

So I did.

Last week I went out and bought the ingredients to make her “Holy Moly Guacamole,” “Nacho-riffic Stuffed Chicken” and “Mississippi Mug Pie.” I ordered three of the cookbooks online and while awaiting them, I made these recipes.

The guacamole and the mug pie were the standouts for me of the meal.

The finished guac in my green bowl 🙂

The guacamole calls for using 1 avocado and 1 can of peas instead of using all avocado. It still had the creamy texture of guacamole and had a TON of flavor with the lime juice, chili powder and cumin mixed in. I love this recipe and I’m going to make it again this week!


The mug pie was decadent, ooey gooey and chocolatey, just as she predicted on her show. It was like eating a big lava cake in your cup. It was warm and satisfied me quickly!

Nacho-riffic stuffed chicken heating in my oven!

The chicken was delicious as well, but it wasn’t the bigger stand out for me. I’ll admit, the recipe called for taco sauce on top and I ended up using hot sauce because I didn’t have any taco sauce. Also, the chicken I used was a little too big for what the recipe called for. It was good, but since I usually don’t eat a lot of stuffed chicken, I probably won’t be making this again anytime soon.

I also made an omelet in a mug after seeing her latest “Rise and Dine” episode. She made a “Denver Omelet in a mug”, but I decided to make it a veggie omelet (my fave!) and added tomatoes instead of ham to the recipe. It was SO yummy, I loved the fresh green peppers, onions and chopped grape tomatoes. While it was a little watery due to the water content of the vegetables, I loved this omelet, and that’s another recipe I cannot wait to make again.

But now I must speak of what I made today…“Hungry Girl-fredo.”

I went to Wegman’s the other night with my friends and bought the House Foods Tofu Shirataki Fettuccine-style noodles. I also bought the spaghetti ones to try another day.

The recipe was very easy to make. There was a process of having to drain and dry the noodles from the bag, cook them for a minute, dry them again and then make the sauce and microwave again. I loved the recipe! The noodles were a little “meatier” and chewier than regular noodles, but the flavors were all there with the light cheese, sour cream, reduced fat parmesan and black pepper. I would definitely make this again. I felt satisfied and comfortably full after it, too.

Here’s me trying the recipe out for you all on camera, and giving you the scoop on “Hungry Girl!”

Hope all is well!

Food-cation NYC : Spring Street Natural

Spring Street Natural Restaurant

62 Spring St.

New York, N.Y. 10012



Lunch at Spring Street Natural in NoLita was deceiving.

Its website describes its cuisine as fresh, healthy and affordable.  One would assume reading this, that the menu would be full of light, affordable options. Does all-natural-affordable mean paying higher price? I beg to differ, especially if the meal made me feel overfull and gassy. Yes, gas is natural. But even if finishing lunch was an option, I couldn’t, since a fly decided my lunch was awesome and dove into my three-quarters eaten sandwich.

Perusing the lunch menu, there were many items using indicators of all-natural: “free range,” “natural,” “organic.” There was a grilled vegetable sandwich (toasted onion ciabatta with grilled portobello mushroom, grilled zucchini, roasted red peppers, fresh mozzarella and sun-dried tomato pesto; served with Terra vegetable chips & baby greens), scrambled tofu (with red onions, shiitakes, fresh thyme, curry, mesclun salad, and organic brown rice), pumpkin ravioli (crispy pancetta, napa cabbage, brown sage butter, hazelnut crunch). Sounds somewhat healthy, right?

However, it was the grilled free-range chicken burger that stuck out as the dish to try: toasted brioche bun, melted pepper jack cheese, chipotle mayonnaise and hand-cut French fries. Chipotle mayo. Yes please.

When the burger (pictured right) arrived at my table, its presentation was sloppy. In one corner of the plate, the sandwich was engulfed in a white blob of cheese, in another, a mound of dark, thick fries. The only way to get to the meat was to eat through the fries. They were hard, cold and greasy.

The creamy chipotle mayo, however, was a perfect dipping sauce. The spicy kick actually enhanced the fries’ flavor.

In another corner, lettuce and tomato tried to peek out.  There were also two small sauces, one of which spilled onto the rest of the food.

Once the burger could be eaten, fries were stuck in the cheese. The meat was also too big for the bun. While the burger meat had specs of green in it, (hopefully leeks?) the burger had no flavor.

One positive: the bread basket before the meal was a hit. Its website boasts on making as many of the food items in-house as possible, including the breads, which derive from organic whole wheat flour pie crusts. Whole-oat bread (pictured left) greeted us at the table with sesame seeds in it, giving it a nutty flavor. It was light, yet crunchy and satisfying. Another looked like an orange pound cake that had a surprisingly olive taste. After taking guesses as to what it was, the waitress said it was tomato rosemary bread. This bread had a balance of sweet and savory flavors.

Lunch there is a no-go. Head to McDonalds and skip this so-called natural food.

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