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LONG ISLAND — Is fresh fruit puree the new fro-yo?

Long Islanders: I know you’re feeling the humid warmth of the beautiful summer skies.

When you’re craving something cold and frozen, what do you think of first?

Ice cream? Frozen yogurt (a.k.a. fro-yo)? Or how about some frozen fresh fruit puree?

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After reading this article on Serious Eats: New York yesterday about fresh fruit puree soft-serve at The Soft Serve Fruit Co. in NYC, it got me thinking about the latest movement in frozen treats: the healthier, the better.

Yes, this is a mantra that rings true for all food: if you eat food that’s so-called “healthy” for you, rest assured you’ll feel better.

Fro-yo stores are definitely the new ice cream store, with local self-serve shops popping up around the tri-state area. The perks? It’s healthy yogurt with probiotics and active cultures to benefit your immune and digestive systems. You can try as many fro-yo flavors as you want, and put as many toppings in your cup as you want. Then when it’s time to pay, it’s priced by weight, not a standard cup price. It’s a HUGE bang for your buck, and I salute the local business that have caught onto the idea here.

Here’s a few self-serve fro-yo shops around Long Island to check out:

1. Yogo Delish: 209 Main St, Port Jefferson, NY 11777

2. Swirls & Twirls: 5270 Sunrise Hwy.,  Massapequa Park, NY 11762

3. Moo La La: 1664 Merrick Road, Merrick, NY 11566

4. Yogurt Crazy: 300 New York Ave., Huntington, NY 11743

But one thing I haven’t seen so far in Long Island are what I noticed in the article from Serious Eats and from my Charleston trip: fresh fruit puree soft-serve and fresh fruit bars with unique flavors (paletas). My friend tried The Soft Serve Fruit Co. the other day in NYC and told me how it was just “OK,” and “def not as good as fro-yo.” However, she also said how “it was only like 85 calories or something (not including toppings) so better than most frozen treats.” So maybe, if we started seeing this type of shop pop up around the area, we’d excuse it being just OK, as it is supposedly very healthy (made of just fruit, filtered water and organic cane sugar).

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Paletas are a huge trend I’ve noticed as well: frozen fruit bars (popsicles) made with fresh fruit/herbs/juices/etc. King of Pops in Charleston has a great business going on warm days like today selling a huge variety of paletas such as Arnold Palmer, grapefruit mint and jalapeno margarita. While there are shops popping up in NYC with these tasty frozen treats (such as People’s Pops), I’m curious as to whether these pops’ll start popping up around Long Island.

Both the puree soft serve and pops take out dairy from the mix and cool you down just as well as ice cream. The fresh fruit puree soft serve does sound good, but it sounds like a smoothie in soft serve form. Could the frozen pureed fruit and fruit pops be the next trend in our forecast, Long Islanders? Maybe. But until we find out for sure, enjoy the frozen treats we do have in Long Island. There are certainly plenty to go around.

(And if you have found any fresh fruit pops around Long Island, please let me know!)

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