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BRAIN FOOD: #SongSunday

You know when you hear a song in a movie, and you remember and associate that song, with that movie?

I do that all the time with movies/songs.

I’m thinking of Pretty Woman, one of my all-time favorite movies.

And of my favorite scenes? The opera scene.

Richard Gere’s character whisks Julia Roberts’ character away to the opera for the night and they see the gorgeous opera La Traviata by Verdi.

She is impacted by this experience; she tears up at the end of the opera.

I think back to that scene as I think of when I went to see the actual opera La Traviata a few years ago. I remember waiting and WAITING for the famous song to me came on, which by the way is “Amami Alfredo.” A beautiful moment to witness in person, and to literally relive Pretty Woman.

Which got me thinking about the lyrics in that movie scene/opera.

Here’s what the last part is translated to in English:


I felt like crying, but I am better now.
You see… I’m smiling… you see?
I’m all right now, I’m smiling!
I shall be there among the flowers, always near to you.
Always, always near to you!
Love me, Alfredo,
Love me as I love you!

Love me as I love you.

I flash back now to the final scene of Pretty Woman, where Richard Gere’s character comes in via limousine with this song blasting from the limo.

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Thinking about the lyrics above, the characters in Pretty Woman loved each other well, as they loved one another. It wasn’t easy, but they found a way into each others’ hearts. And I think you can say opera brought them together too 😉 🙂

Gere comes in at the end of the movie and sweeps her off of her feet, with this song. This powerful medium of opera.

The romantic I am dreams of a moment like that happening in real life! (Raise your hand/comment if you agree!)

“Love me as I love you” = the beautiful statement from that song that I keep thinking about.

The arts are a powerful medium, especially opera. Lyrics that flow with such strength, such emotion, such power.

And with all of this, this song Sunday, I give you, “Amami Alfredo.” Enjoy.

BRAIN FOOD: Song Sunday

Music means so much to me.

“If music be the food of love, play on,” right?!

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