No matter what the season, or reason, I am always drawn to tea.

((Raise your hand if this is you too, even though I can’t see you right now!))

Tea and water are just about the only non-alcoholic beverage I consume lately (with a new exception for seltzer).

And one Connecticut-based tea brand is shaking up the industry (if you ask me).

Enter Maury’s Hive Tea.

It’s been around since late 2013, but only now am I getting my hands on this innovative creation.

Personal trainer Maury Pittman always encourages his clients to not only have a fitness regimen, but to have that healthy diet going as well.

Maury was encouraged to drink green tea when he was fighting off a head cold, and the lightbulb went off in his head.

He wanted to find a more convenient, non messy way to have tea with honey, and friends, Maury found it.

Its unique tea bags, whether you choose black tea or green tea, are premium whole leaf teas (without having to go to the fancy tea story), with granulated honey INSIDE the packet!

Maury’s Hive Tea answers the question about what’s so special about its tea bag on its website: 

“The first thing you notice about Maury’s tea bag is that, beside dark tea leaves, it contains a light powder – the granulated honey.  When you brew a cup, the bag initially sinks as this honey absorbs water.  Eventually, it will completely dissolve.  At the same time, the whole leaf tea begins to expand as it steeps.  If you haven’t brewed whole leaf tea before, you might be surprised at how robustly the bag will swell as the tea leaves expand to release their flavor.  This expansion causes the tea bag to start to float as the weight of the moist honey dissolves into the cup.  This unique sinking and floating action of the tea bag actually stirs the tea as it is brewing, making for a thoroughly smooth and robust cup.”

I was lucky enough to win a contest last week where I received a mug, a box of the green tea, and a single packet of the black tea:

Photo Aug 11, 2 56 02 PM (1)

Photo Aug 11, 3 23 56 PM

Below, in this video edition of Kat Eats… below, you’ll get an up close and personal look at what Maury’s Hive Tea looks like, how to make it, and which tea I personally prefer (I’ll give you a hint, though, I loved it overall, but I did prefer one over the other)!


Here are the details on where you can pick up some Maury’s Hive Tea yourself:

Retail Stores:

Fairfield County, CT:

Westchester, NY area:


Maury’s Hive Tea online store (where you can buy it in a 2-box pack or a yearly subscription!)

Direct Eats (where you can buy individual boxes)