Have you ever wanted to learn how to make barbecued ribs that taste like they’re from a famous BBQ restaurant?

Now you can, in the comfort of your own home.

BBQ Treat is a new subscription box on the scene, by Nick Edwards and Ben Manning. They launched last month with a goal in mind for the consumer, “To help turn the backyard pitmaster in to a pro.” And boy are they right about that. Edwards and Manning know good barbecue, as they have both competed in it, and judged it in competitions. The BBQ Treat team carefully curates each box every month, and you more than likely won’t find the products they’re offering in retail stores.

For $39.99 a month (with USPS shipping included in the price!) you’ll get a kit to make your barbecue stand out from the rest. You’ll get a combination of products on the first of the month from a champion pitmaster, with a detailed instruction book to get you going. You also have the option to skip a box one month, or leave the subscription at any time, with no commitment to sticking around.

I was SO thrilled to be asked if I wanted to try out their first box.  I jumped at the chance, especially as a great opportunity to learn to make incredible ribs!

Their first month’s box is specifically focusing on ribs, pairing up with Heath Riles of Victory Lane BBQ based in Memphis. When I learned it was a Memphis barbecue pitmaster’s work I was trying out, I got even more excited (I’ve always wanted to try Memphis BBQ, and now I could!).


Untitled design (2)

The Box: The box is nothing fancy on the outside: a cardboard box with the logo BBQTREAT.COM on it.


It’s when you open it up, you truly soak in the BBQ Treat experience…They replaced the packing material with competition wood pellets for smoking and grilling. 🙂


That sticker in the picture above plays a song (which you’ll see in the video review below). You need to hear it to believe it. Let’s just say, as a hint, you’ll feel like a champion when you open it.



  1. Victory Lane BBQ Sweet BBQ Rub
  2. Victory Lane BBQ Butter Bath & Wrap
  3. Victory Lane BBQ Original BBQ Sauce
  4. “Top Secret” Pitmaster Rib Guide (your instruction manual to conquering BBQ Treat)
  5. A VERY handy magnet with cooking times/temperatures for all kinds of meat (HUGE bonus points for this, THANK YOU!)

Method: Going into this, I had absolutely no idea what to expect, especially with not only using a rub, but a butter bath, and then the sauce.

Luckily, the Top Secret Pitmaster Rib Guide was there to help me out. Inside the guide are detailed directions on how to cook your ribs, how to apply the products above and what to look for when cooking your ribs.

But here’s the thing: these instructions are for if you have a smoker!

And I don’t have a smoker.

Based on the instructions I read for the smoker, I decided to wing it. And winging it ended up working out perfectly.

The guide specifically talks about a “3-2-1 method”for cooking ribs. “For a someone starting out cooking in the back yard, 3-2-1 is a good place to start,” says Heath Riles of Victory Lane BBQ in the guide.

Here’s their method (for a smoker):

  1. Take membrane off of meat
  2. Apply a binder to the meat (1 tablespoon of either yellow mustard or olive oil)
  3. Put the rub all over the meat
  4. 3 hours uncovered at 225 degrees
  5. 2 hours wrapped in foil with the butter bath
  6. 1 hour uncovered on the grates

And here was my method (slightly different from what I said I would do in the video):

  1. Take (some of the ) membrane off of meat
  2. Apply capfull of olive oil to ribs as a binder
  3. Put the rub all over the meat
  4. 1.5 hours in foil at 225 degrees in oven (with rub on)
  5. 1 hour in butter bath in crock pot
  6. 1 hour uncovered at 300 degrees (with sauce on)

The guide spoke of both baby back ribs and St. Louis ribs (spare ribs). We got both and I loaded up the ribs with the rub in the oven. Here’s what they looked like:


Then here is the meat soaking in the butter bath and then placing it back into the pan:

Here’s the meat with the sauce on, cooking up in the oven (by now the entire house smelled like a barbecue joint):


And here’s the final product!!


Final Product!


My thoughts: My first thought about the ribs was how tender they were! Extremely tender. More tender than most ribs I have ever had. They weren’t dried out and weren’t overcooked either. You couldn’t even notice there was a rub on it because the rub soaked in! I truly believe this was due to the butter bath and the low and slow cooking method! I am OBSESSED with the sauce! It was tangy and sweet and reminded me of a sauce I would get at Dinosaur BBQ or another famous BBQ joint! I kept toying last night over which cut of meat I liked better. I loved the St. Louis ribs over the baby back’s as there was more meat on the bones and I felt the flavor did soak in well. I also loved the baby backs as the leaner cut soaked in a ton of flavor too. My favorite ultimately was the St. Louis ribs!

I also interviewed my other test subjects for these ribs, my parents:

My mom’s thoughts: The butter bath made the ribs extremely juicy and tender even before you put the sauce on. And the sauce was very nice; not bitter, not sour, but tomato-y and barbecue-y and really delicious. I liked both (cuts of meat).

My dad’s thoughts: I liked that the sauce didn’t taste like it was burnt. It tasted nice and mild to me. I think the baby back (ribs) had a little more flavor.

Here’s a recap of the subscription box details for you:

$39.99 a month gets you a box every month filled with delicious products and a guide to help you cook the best barbecue you can make. Become a pro, at home!

And I guess the big question now is, how do you sign up?!

Two ways:

  1. Head to bbqtreat.com and sign up there
  2. Contact Ben or Nick personally via email at ben@bbqtreat.com or nick@bbqtreat.com

HAPPY BBQ-ing! 🙂

And here’s my video review / walk through of the whole process!