When it comes to dinner, what do you want out of it?

-Delicious? Yes

Easy to make? Yes

5 ingredients or less? Heck yes! 

I wanted to surprise my mom and dad with a quick and easy, tantalizing dinner that fit all of the criteria above.

I came across a very easy recipe from a fabulous resource from BuzzFeed Food titled “21 Five Ingredient Crock Pot Recipes.” In it, I came across number 5.

Slow Cooker Lemon Garlic Chicken.

YES, friends!

I was sold.

Here’s all you need from the store/pantry:

A whole chicken (5-6 lbs)

Lemons (4, 5 or 6 of them)

Fresh herbs (TIP: if you can buy them in a bundle pack, go for that! I was able to get a “roasting” herbs pack which had rosemary, thyme and parsley for $1.99 from Stop and Shop!)

Garlic (one or two of them)

Salt and pepper

The recipe link is here, courtesy of blogger No. 2 Pencil.

So how did it turn out?

4 hours on high in my crockpot later…. Ta Da!


The meat was very juicy and tender, and packed to the punch with the lemon and herb flavors. The broth developed from the chicken juices and the lemon/garlic/herbs was delicious poured on top too.

But the real verdict was from my parents. My mom thought it was tasty. My dad really liked it and said it was “simple”, yet good.

So there you have it.

A quick and easy dinner you can make in 4-5 hours, and hey, it’s healthy too! Definitely something under the Mediterranean Diet, I would say.