Its a chockfull of stories today!


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  1. GIRL SCOUT COOKIES AND WEED: The Girl Scouts are known for their delicious cookies. But how about some cookies to ease any particular…cravings?! A girl scout in Portland, Oregon decided to sell the cookies outside a Marijuana Dispensary with her aunt, multiple outlets including The Daily Meal and Eater are reporting. She even put up a sign that says “Satisfy Your Munchies.” To hear why she did this and what the Girl Scouts Organization thought about this, click here and here.
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2. K CUP BAN: Keurig K Cups have become such a convenience for so many people, including myself. Single serve hot drinks made at the touch of a button? Yes please! But one European city is saying no to them! A city in Germany has put a ban on the use of K Cups from all of its governmental buildings, The Daily Meal and Grub Street report. Click here and here to find out why.

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3. GARLIC KNOT FIGHT: You read correctly. A fight broke out at a pizzeria in Florida because why? Oh yeah, an order of garlic knots arrived at a persons’ table with CHEESE on top, The Daily Meal reports! **** went down, folks. To read more about the garlicky brawl, click here.

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4. NEW EDITOR OF FOOD AND WINE: Nilou Motamed has just been named editor-in-chief of foodie publication Food & Wine, Grub Street reports.  To read more about her background click here.


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5.  MCDONALD’S “MCPICK 2” GETS MORE EXPENSIVE: The fast food chain has decided to buy two items, “including the McDouble, the McChicken, a small fry, and mozzarella sticks”, that was at first $2, now you’ll have to pay $5 for two things like a Big Mac, fries, Quarter Pounder and Filet-O-Fish, Eater reports. In the war of fast food value deals, why is McDonald’s upping the price? Read on here to find out more.


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And a bonus, speaking of cheeseburgers, a man in London has changed his name, his legal name, to “Bacon Double Cheeseburger.” Learn more about this man and his decision here.