It happened one time when I was in a Five Guys Burgers & Fries.

I saw the bottles of malt vinegar where all the condiments were, but back then, didn’t think of putting vinegar on my fries.

I finally decided to try it, just like this picture from Foodspotting:

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These particular fries with the vinegar are a magical combination. The vinegar seems to bring out the flavor of the fry, enhancing it per se. It’s really good, and I recommend it!

Whenever I go to Five Guys now, I’m always doing this.

And I’m a vinegar girl no matter what; I love vinaigrettes for salads. I love pickles. It’s no surprise I would love this combo.

But where does it combination originate from? I did a little digging (thanks Google).

Several sites I read point to the U.K., as they call fries “chips” and is usually served with the popular dish “fish & chips.” It’s definitely something that has grown here in the U.S. as you’ll find malt vinegar bottles in places like Five Guys.

Have you had Fries & Vinegar? Thoughts? 

Happy eating!