I am not the best egg cooker.

I’ll just get that out of the way right now.

I love eggs. I didn’t used to as a kid. I thought they smelled and the texture was weird.

I experimented as a kid cooking an omelette in the microwave, which resulted in a stinkbomb (read my musings about omelettes here.)

But I learned to love them, especially scrambled eggs, and fried eggs (which you can get on just about any egg and cheese sandwich at a diner or deli here in NY!

Recently I came across a lovely BuzzFeed Food article.

The title?

“How to Cook Perfect Eggs, Every Time.”

:ding ding ding: !!!


I have found my answer to cooking eggs. It’s a science, I suppose!


Here’s what it said about cooking Perfect Eggs, I went by this picture:

Photo Credit: BuzzFeed

So I may not have added s&p (salt and pepper). BUT I did everything else, put oil in the pan, medium high skillet, 2-3 minutes. After my attempt, I found I was oh so wrong.

Check this out:


I definitely had too much oil in the pan, first of all. The top one wasn’t heated enough, the second one just looks hideous! I didn’t eat either of these as they looked too bad to eat.

So I decided to take my woes to social media.

I posted this picture today on my Facebook page, Twitter page, Instagram and Peach (if you don’t know what Peach is, it’s a great new app, totally fun!).

I asked my friends on social media for any tips, because if I can’t get a BuzzFeed article right, maybe it’s not me? Plus I thought, I bet there are others out there who probably are feeling the same way as me!

 So here goes:

My friend Ali Rittenhouse (who is an amazing entrepreneur helping other women build up their brands), said this to me on my Instagram:

That’s what I was thinking too, Ali. Bacon grease sounds like an amazing tip, I bet it make the egg taste extra yummy!

My fellow food blogger friend Angie from Indulge Your Inner Foodie, left this tip on my Facebook page:

My friend Minky from Japan had this tip for me on my Peach page:

And my friend Amelia from high school who is doing amazing things in DC, left this tip for me on Twitter:


Hearing all of these makes me think:

#1 – there is no perfect answer to the art of fried egg making.

#2 – there are different ways to do this, and they’re all equally as great.

THANK YOU to everyone who wrote me!!! I am truly appreciative. 

This is something I totally feel “the struggle is real” with!

So with these tips in mind, I will definitely set out to take on these tips in the future.

Do you have any tips on cooking a great fried egg? Leave your tips in the comments below!