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  1. PARMESAN FLAVORED WOOD?! : “On top of spaghetti…all covered with…what?!” You know the Parmesan cheese you buy from the store, to sprinkle on your pasta? Multiple outlets including Foodbeast are saying the FDA reports that cheese is being made with things that well, aren’t the cheese itself. One ingredient being “wood pulp.” WHAT is this, you ask? Are we seriously eating wood chips? The author of the Foodbeast article explains everything you need to know, here.


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2. WHAT’S KILLING LOBSTERS IN MAINE?!: (I didn’t realize there was a lobster problem in Maine? Did you?). In a place that’s usually plentiful of lobsters, the folks at Grub Street are saying climate change is sparking saltwater diseases that’s impacting the population of those red clawed creatures. The disease sounds horrible and for the sake of not making you sick, I don’t want to describe it here. If you want to learn more about why this is happening, click here.

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3. SHAKE SHACK WHILE YOU FLY?!?: That would probably be a billion times better than regular “airline food,” right? The man behind restaurants such as Shake Shack, Danny Meyer, has been enlisted to work with Delta Airlines to put out some new options for you while flying, The Daily Meal reports. It sounds like it won’t actually be Shake Shack on board, darn. But specifically this will effect international flights out of JFK airport in NYC, and will have Italian-influenced cuisine on board those flights. To read about some of the actual items you could get on said flights, click here.

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4. HOT DOG PRINGLES: You heard right. Pringles is always coming up with different flavors for the “once you pop you can’t stop” chips, but for some reason, Walgreens is the only place you’ll find the new hot dog flavored ones, BuzzFeed Food says. Here’s why.

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5. CARROT CAKE KISSES: Hershey’s Kisses has been putting out all sorts of new seasonal flavors. Its latest adventure, carrot cake kisses for Easter. BuzzFeed Food has the reactions form social media, here. Let’s just say it’s a mixed bag ;).



And finally, a bonus thanks to none other than the man trying to win our country’s heart, Donald Trump.

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He’s in the headlines for everything, why not food news too, right?!

Of course!

Did you know Mr. Trump has a winery?

Some fellow food/wine bloggers set out to try some of his wines. A preview? Is it a thumbs up?! One of the reviews says about one of the varieties, “Pungent. Like cheap perfume.” Check out the rest of the review here.