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  1. “SPECIAL SAUCE” ON SALE: If you know the song, sing along, “Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun!” ((Side note: this was a vocal warm up in high school theatre for me)). McDonald’s makes “Special Sauce” for its iconic Big Mac. Well, that “Special Sauce” is on sale, in bottles, right now. But it’s not where you think it is. FoodBeast is reporting the fast food chain is selling these bottles for about $5 each. To find out where its actually being sold, click here.

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2. (SUSPECTED) NOROVIRUS OUTBREAK HITS ANOTHER CHAIN: Chipotle has been under fire for reports of the norovirus hitting one of its Boston locations, but now another chain is dealing with the virus. Maggiano’s Little Italy in a Seattle suburb, Eater reports, has been shut down after reports of up to 50 people have fallen ill sickened with (supposedly) the norovirus. The latest on the case here.

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3. NUGGET BURGLAR: Because when you quit a fast food job, you should steal all of the chicken nuggets, right??!?!? (Uh, no.) But FoodBeast reports a guy from Florida who was working at Burger King quit his job, and tweeted the picture above when he did the deed of stealing the store’s supply of chicken nuggets. To see more of what “The Chicken King” did, click here.

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4. ALTON BROWN, ASTRONAUT!?!: The Food Network host is known for answering tweets with Post-It’s (if you haven’t seen it, you have to check out his page!). But that wasn’t the case in this situation. Eater reports Brown tweeted NASA the other day. Why? There was a help wanted ad. Brown jumped at the chance and basically said he wants to be a chef in space for them. You have to see what happens next in the friendly exchange. Click here for more.

Photo Credit: Twitter / @ZombieBurgerDM ((FEEL THE BERN BURGER!))

5. BURGERS FOR CANDIDATES: The Iowa Caucus is coming up in a few days. And a burger joint in Des Moines is taking advantage of the big event. Zombie Burger has made a custom burger menu for the candidates, with a different theme burger each day. It includes Bernie Sanders (the picture above is the FEEL THE BERN), Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. To see what’s in the burgers, and learn more about the names of said burgers (which look and sound delicious, PS), click here.

And a bonus…. A really beautiful looking gem of a cake, as seen on BuzzFeed Food. Simply stunning.