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  1. CHOCOLATE SHORTAGE?!?!?: Let’s not hold our breath just yet, folks. But Grub Street is reporting that cocoa plants around the world have been going through a rough patch lately. Because of that, consumers are paying a little more for it. But could there actually be a shortage of chocolate in the world from all of this, and what are some of the major companies doing about it? Read on, here.

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2. CHICK’N SHACK AVAILABLE NATIONWIDE: I didn’t realize it wasn’t available nationwide already!? From personal experience, this sandwich is goooooooooood. The Daily Meal, Grub Street and Eater are reporting the boneless fried chicken delight will be available at all Shake Shack stores nationwide, well with the exception of JFK and Times Square’s and stadium locations (WHY?!). Want to know what’s in this seriously delish sandwich?! Here you go, read on here and here.


3. RAMEN MAKING ROBOTS: Yes, you read correctly. A new restaurant in Shanghai, China is getting its ramen to customers via “ramen-slinging robot chefs,” Eater reports. Apparently, robot restaurants are popular in China already, too! This is so legit, and these robots make your ramen in 90 seconds. Seriously! Check out the video here to see how the robots get to work for you!

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4. RESTAURANT STAFF (ALMOST) WINS THE POWERBALL: Staff at an Italian restaurant in New Jersey are not as jumping for joy today as they were a few days ago. The staff formed a lottery pool and had really thought they won when the jackpot was $949 million, Grub Street and Eater report. There’s video of them celebrating and all. But unfortunately they didn’t win. Here’s why. And to see Jimmy Kimmel console them on his show, click here.

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5.  HACK YOUR DINING HALL: To all of my college-going foodies out there, I have a great article for you. BuzzFeed Food has come up with 29 ways to hack your dining hall to make delicious meals for yourself at home, from drink ideas to breakfast, lunch and dinner. If the picture above appetizes you (its a deconstructed taco on the go! Yum!) read on, here.

And finally, today’s bonus is adorable, yet at the same time, I’m like “oh no, poor kids.” Check out what happens when babies try lemons for the first time, in slo-mo, here.