A mish mosh of hot and cold food news in today’s roundup…

Photo Credit: BuzzFeed.com
  1. CHIPOTLE‘S IN TROUBLE, AGAIN: Chipotle has been under the microscope for awhile now after several health scares from customers have rocked the fast-casual chain. Now the government is stepping in. The chain is currently under criminal investigation by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Central District of California in conjunction with the Food and Drug Administration, The Daily Meal and BuzzFeed are reporting. Chipotle was served with a Federal Grand Jury Subpoena last month. To find out more about the case, click here, and here.
Photo Credit: GrubStreet.com

2. TRADER JOE’S TUNAGATE? : Something fishy seems to have happened at the popular supermarket. The folks at Grub Street are reporting a group of shoppers filed a class-action lawsuit against TJ’s, claiming the store is under-filling its tuna cans! But what constitutes an “under-filled” tuna can, to these shoppers? Read on, here.

Photo Credit: GrubStreet.com

3. THERE’S WHAT IN MY PIZZA BOX?!: I’ve never even thought about this before until this article arose. Grub Street reports the FDA has now banned three kinds of perfluoroalkyl ethyls, which are chemicals used in not only WATER, but grease-proof pizza boxes. Why? From what the article suggests, these chemicals could be linked to causing birth defects and could have cancer-causing properties. I didn’t even know there was such thing as a grease-proof pizza box? Read on, here.

Photo Credit: Samsung/BuzzFeed

4. WHAT’S LOOKING IN YOUR FRIDGE: A camera, that’s what! The future of refrigerators is HERE, folks. I tweeted about this yesterday when I saw it in a story on NBC NEWS, and here it is for you to see up close. There’s a fridge Samsung has released at this years CES show called the Family Hub Refrigerator, BuzzFeed Food reports. It has a camera inside the fridge so you can peek at your food through a SCREEN on the outside of the fridge (!!) and you can see this on your smartphone too, AND from what I gathered from yesterday’s video I watched, it looks like you can be notified about shelf life of certain foods you put in the fridge. Holy future. Click here for more.


Photo Credit: wikipedia.org

5. BURGER KING‘S BIG NEW VALUE DEAL: I have a feeling, while this isn’t confirmed, this may have something to do with Wendy’s 4 for $4 deal the fast food chain launched fairly recently. Burger King, according to the folks at Foodbeast, have just launched a 5 for $4 value deal. To see what you can get for four bucks at BK, click here.


And the bonus of the day, the James Beard Awards! The creme de la creme of awards in the food world. Eater is now reporting celebrity chef Carla Hall is set to be the host of this year’s food filled extravaganza in Chicago, this May. Celebrity chef and James Beard Award Winner Ming Tsai will host this year’s book, broadcast, and journalism James Beard Awards in NYC in April. For more, click here.