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  1. A LATTE TO TALK ABOUT, STARBUCKSLatte lovers, rejoice. Starting tomorrow, you can opt away from the sweeter drinks at the ‘Bux for its new creation, the latte macchiato, multiple outlets, including POPSUGAR.com, are reporting. Its made with only two ingredients, with this drink being more milk based than espresso based. For more details, click here.


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2. I SEE LEFTOVERS, I SEE FRANCE:  France kicked off the new year with a new rule in some of its restaurants: the required usage of “doggy bags” for leftovers, Eater reports. For any customer that wants the rest of their meal to take home, certain restaurants have to give them the supplies to do so. Ironically, survey says many people in the country were reported to have never taken home leftovers! Hmm. For more on what this is all about and what it means for eaters in France, click here.


3. BURGERS ON THE CHEAP: Burger prices are expected to go down this year, The Daily Meal reports. A 10-year-low in prices of fatty beef, too! More on why  here.

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4. THE FUTURE OF MICKEY D’S: Speaking of burgers, McDonald’s has been testing out new ideas in Hong Kong. Bearing the name “McDonald’s Next,” this version of the fast food chain has a more modern design, offering up healthier options, touch screen ordering and mood lighting, Eater reports. (Mood lighting? Ooh la la). But could they be trying to rival another famous burger chain in the states, and will this concept come to the states? Read on, here.

Photo Credit: Olive Garden

5. PAYING IT FORWARD AT OLIVE GARDENA beautiful surprise for a Muslim family in Augusta, GA. A stranger foots the bill for their Olive Garden outing, The Daily Meal reports! Seven adults and five children, all paid for. The message on the bill? Even more beautiful. To see what it said and to learn more , click here.

And finally, a bonus from The Daily Meal. Its video host, Brian Sheehan is awesome, please give him a follow! Check out his video about the 2016 predictions for the foodie scene here.