About a week ago, my dad and I decide to try a new restaurant in the neighborhood.

I thought it had been open for a little while, but to our surprise, the owner said it had only been open for a few days. We were then invited by the owner to its grand opening event, fast forward to today.

Lemongrass Asian Fusion is a BRAND NEW Asian restaurant hitting the scene in Mt. Sinai, Long Island.

It has everything from Thai dishes to Chinese , to Malaysian, to Japanese.

From 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. today there was a buffet with free food so you can try all of its dishes. Check out some pictures / videos from the event that I took:

The buffet really gave you a sampling of what Lemongrass has to offer from spring rolls to dumplings to curry to sushi:

Here’s the address / hours:

  There were even dragons who stopped by for a dance to celebrate the grand opening!

What I loved about ALL of the food is that it wasn’t greasy, and everything was really fresh. Even the first time I went there I was impressed with the white meat Thai General Tso’s Chicken in a homemade spicy sauce.

I LOVED THE SUSHI. It was so fresh and delicious and loved the variety. You can’t go wrong with the Thai dishes too, the dumplings, spring rolls, and even though it wasn’t on the buffet today, its salad with ginger dressing is awesome.

The owner told us last week how they’re from New Jersey (Fort Lee) and decided to open up a restaurant out here. The owner is really nice and you can tell he has a lot of pride in the quality of the food and the cleanliness of the restaurant.

Lemongrass is definitely a must try, friends!

Check out the address/hours above, and soon they will start to deliver too, if you want to skip actually going! But hey, it’s so beautiful inside, why not go? There’s also take out too.