(What a heading, right?!)


I’m fighting off a head cold this week, and one of the symptoms that comes with it a lot for me, is clogged ears / ear tube pain.

I’ve seen and heard of many at-home remedies of “unclogging your ear,” from hydrogen peroxide, to ear candles, to holding your breath, to yawning.

But today I found something that piqued my interest.

Olive oil.

Olive oil!?

Yes, the stuff you cook with, many websites say, apparently helps unclog your ears if you’re in search of relief.

What I read: you get a few drops of EVOO (room temperature or warm), put it in the affected ear. Let it sit for a few minutes, then turn your head back up and let it all drain out. Woohoo?!

I even found video of a nurse explaining this phenomenon:

It HAS to work, right?!

So, I tried it. I microwaved some EVOO for 15 seconds, put a few drops in my ear and let it sit a few minutes.

My thoughts: Maybe I didn’t let it sit enough, or maybe it wasn’t warm enough?!

Liquid did come out, but it was the EVOO.

I believe it certainly relieved it a little bit, but I have to know from you all, have you tried olive oil de-clogging of your ears?! Did it work?! Comment below! ((And if you have any natural cold remedies, please let me know, would love to compile a blogger suggestion list/article for a future post)) 🙂