Some little morsels of news to get you through the day:

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  1. SAFEWAY SECURITY BREACH: The major supermarket chain fell target to card-skimming attacks, Delish reports. Investigations in California and Colorado are looking into a number of compromised credit card terminals. The breach has drained some customers’ bank accounts! What you need to know, here.


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2. LE CORDON BLEU CLOSING U.S. SCHOOLS: All 16 of its U.S. locations are shutting down, BuzzFeed Food reports. Current students will be able to finish up their courses but as of January, no new students. Why? Click here to read on.


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3. BAKING DRAKE LYRICS: I’ve been seeing this post on social media. Forget Drake hands( well, we could never forget Drake hands, who are we kidding?!) But BuzzFeed Food reports there’s a baker in New Orleans named Joy the Baker who has taken to putting Drake lyrics on cakes. There’s even an Instagram account for it, called Drake on Cake. Check out the fun here.

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4. WILL KRISPY KREME BE THE NEW STARBUCKSThe national donut chain is testing out having “baristas” in one of its stores near its North Carolina headquarters, Grub Street says. The chain hopes it can double its coffee sales with this new approach. They’re even putting out a slogan on a chalkboard reading, “Know Your Coffee.” For more, click here.


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5. GOOGLING YOUR FOOD AND DRINKS: Google just released its list of the top trends in searches for 2015. Eater reports as far as recipes go, pumpkin seeds took the top spot for the year. Then sweet potato fries. The most searched cocktail? Sangria. For more, check it out here.


And a bonus:

GRINCH JELLO SHOTS: If you’re looking for an idea to give your holiday parties a pop of color, check out this jello shot recipe from Delish.