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  1. PIZZA RAT TASTE TEST: Remember the pizza rat in NYC? (If you need a refresher, click here.) The folks over at Grub Street decided to put NYC pizza to the test by taking four of the big name pizza places in the city and well, feeding some rats. Check out the video & article here. 
Photo Credit: Eater.com

2. BOOZY ROOT BEER: It’s become a thing! So much so, Eater is reporting that Anheuser-Busch is stepping up with a new product, called “Best Damn Root Beer You Ever Had.” But is it the best? You decide. Check out the article here. 


Photo Credit: thedailymeal.com

3. LEGO CHRISTMAS COOKIE HACK: Playing with your toys, to play with your food! The Daily Meal and LifeHacker say that a machine from LEGO Mindstorms can decorate your Christmas cookies. Say what! Check it out here.

Photo Credit: delish.com

4. FREE WENDY’S FROSTY’S: The gift that keeps on giving. Wendy’s is putting out a Frosty Key, for just $1. What does it get you? Delish reports Free Frosty’s for 2016, AND 90 cents of the dollar will go to charity. Click here for more info.

Photo Credit: FoodNetwork.com

5. 2016 FOOD TRENDS: The team over at Food Network Kitchen have rounded up what they think will be the big trends in food for next year. From more convenience, to the team dubbing next year “the year of plants,” check out their predictions here.


And a bonus:

Photo Credit: BuzzFeed.com

The folks over at BuzzFeed Food deep fried Christmas dinner, and it looks absolutely magical. Four words: DEEP FRIED YORKSHIRE PUDDING! Check it out here.