It’s a wonderful time of year.

The holidays are among us! And I thought, what better way to get you prepared than a series of gift ideas for those who LOVE their food & drinks.

Hence, I’m starting a series of posts dedicated to different kinds of food and drinks, with gift ideas ranging from $0-$100+ dollars.

And this first post is dedicated to those who LOVE one of the best cookies of all time, the chocolate chip cookie. 

Check out these delicious chocolate chip cookie gift ideas:


  1. Chocolate Chip Cookie Ornament, $10.50, Etsy
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2. C is For Cookie Bib, $10.99,

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3. Chocolate Chip Cookie Earrings, $13.00, Etsy

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4. Cookies and Milk Necklace, $15.50,

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5. Chocolate Chip Cookie BFF Necklaces, $20.18, Etsy

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6. 1 Dozen Semi Sweet Chocolate Chip Cookies, Mrs. Fields Cookie Tin, $24.99, Mrs. Fields

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7. Cookie Sampler Box, $24.99, Stew Leonard’s Gifts

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  1. Chocolate Chip Cookie Skirt, $27.50, Etsy
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2. Chocolate Chip Cookie Pillow Case, $27.99,

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3. “Life’s Short. Eat Cookies.” Pajama Set, $39.99,

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4. Gluten Free Classic Cookie Gift Basket, $29.99, Tate’s Bake Shop

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5. Chocolate Chip Cookie Sweater, $44.18,

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  1. Cookie Lover Quillow (Quilt that can turn into a pillow and vice versa), $52, Etsy
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2. 12 pack of David’s Cookies Chocolate Chip Molten Lava Cookies, $59.95, HSN

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3. Got Cookies? Gift Basket, $79.95,

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4. Oster Digital Toaster Oven w/ Convection Technology, $85, Google Shopping ((pretend you’re baking cookies in it, not that piece of meat!!))

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$100+ :

  1. Chocolate Chip Cookie Blanket, $157.99
  2. Chocolate Chip Cookie Canvas Print, $185.95



Now, this is just a sampling of many a gift you can find.

Another option, on the cheaper end, is to bake homemade cookies from scratch. There are so many great recipes and cookies out there!

With that said, here are 3 of my all time favorite places to get chocolate chip cookies:

  1. Insomnia Cookies, Multiple Locations

Known to be placed in areas where college students live, Insomnia Cookies is an incredible place for the ultimate cookie lover. Most, if not all of its stores are open until 3AM, hence the title of the store. AND the best part? All of the cookies are served WARM. YES, WARM. They are kept in a warmer or are taken right out of the oven, SO you get the most delicious, buttery chocolate chunk cookie. You can order these online too if you don’t have one by you! Yay!

2. Levain Bakery, NYC & Multiple Locations

This little hidden gem of a bakery is situated in the Upper West Side of Manhattan. From when I went as a kid, to now, these cookies are no different: huge cookie pillows, if you ask me. These cookies are HUGE, but they pack a ton of delicious flavor. Ultimate cookies for the cookie lover. And guess what? You can order these cookies online too! Yay! AND you can apparently watch a live feed of all of its stores in action right now too, HA! (That means I’ve more than likely been on camera buying a cookie in there, who knew? ) 

3. Stew Leonard’s, Multiple Locations

If you’re from CT like I am , or live in the CT/NYC tri-state area, you probably have heard of the World’s Largest Dairy Store. Stew Leonard’s is seriously the Disney World of supermarkets, with animatronic singing milk cartons to Larry Lettuce and Cindy Celery, to the Chiquita Banana. Everything is homemade, fresh, and delicious, down to its fresh store made chocolate chip cookies. The store puts them out on sample in the bakery section A LOT, so chances are you can snag a cookie before you buy. You can order them online from the link above (the cookie sampler box gift) from Stew Leonard’s Gifts, or check them out at the stores (P.S., the Long Island location should be opening next month! Hooray!)



And if you have any further suggestions for the cookie lovers, please comment below! 🙂