There’s a place I discovered via my uncle that I absolutely adore.

Nature’s Grill is all about taking fast food and making it healthier. From protein packed meals, to smoothies and juices, EVERYTHING is fresh, and good for you too!

Tonight, once again, I am in love.

Above, is the Guadalajara Salad: mixed baby greens, walnuts, cranberries, almonds, tomato, avocado and green apples with Caribbean mango dressing. I added grilled chicken.

It was a fun salad to eat, finding all of the little surprises throughout , such as the walnuts and almonds. My favorite part, that really brought the salad together, was the Caribbean mango dressing. It tasted like paradise, mangos and coconuts , pina colada heaven. And the price was right, with tax the total was $12.25. A huge salad too! An amazing deal, friends! SO delicious and I am happily full!

Some of my other favorite meals I’ve had from Nature’s Grill: Balsamic Chicken Wrap, The Classic Caesar Wrap, Nature’s Grill Pear Salad (with the Roasted Garlic Balsamic dressing, YUM) and you HAVE to try its guacamole and blue chips! So fresh and flavorful!

Its  backstory is worth giving a read too.

Its philosophy? “We believe that maintaining a healthy mind and body requires balance and variety in every aspect of life. Forget fad diets — Eat healthy, live healthy, be healthy!”

All about the healthy-ness !

If you’re in Brooklyn and are looking for a flavorful, quick, healthy bite, check out one of its three locations, or order for delivery!

Location info. here!