Cereal for dessert?

It’s a thing.

From Momofuku Milk Bar’s Cereal Milk ice cream , to getting cereal as a fro yo topping, to good ‘ol Rice Krispies Treats.

Well my friends, I have found a delightful, whimsical cake pop that I think you’re going to like.

Lil’ Cutie Pops in Red Bank, NJ is all about good things in small , cutie packages.

From standards such as vanilla and chocolate, to the magical, colorful cereal Fruity Pebbles, its cake pops don’t disappoint.

The Fruity Pebbles that I bought is full of fruity flavor. The texture on the outside of the cereal is an awesome touch.

The store is decked out in adorable hot pink decor, and the store even sells apparel too.

A great place to check out if you’re passing through or are in town.

Lil’ Cutie Pops

16 Monmouth St.

Red Bank, NJ 07701

(732) 383-5602

Store Hours:

Monday through Wednesday 11am to 6pm

Thursday through Saturday 11am to 7pm

Sunday 11am to 4pm