I’ve truly realized the difference between going to a butcher versus the butcher at your local supermarket.


See above.

These are store made chicken tenders from Cow Palace in Rocky Point, Long Island. They’re cheap ($3.99 a bag), easy to make, and absolutely delicious (a crunchy texture and juicy white meat on the inside), and I use some Ken’s Russian dressing for dipping (the BEST) 😉 .

Of course, I could go on about all of the fresh varieties of meats your local butcher shop will have over other stores, or the way local butcher shops prepare the meats (i.e. stuffed chicken breasts with cornbread stuffing, YUM), or just the higher quality in general, but today I give a shout out to Cow Palace, as your chicken tenders are freaking amazing.

And if your chicken tenders are amazing, the rest of your frozen bags, from smiley fries to tater tots, must be equally amazing.

And if you live on Long Island, I implore you to head to your nearest Cow Palace. 🙂

With love,


UPDATE 12/10/15: I was told today by an employee that the store roasts its own roast beef daily, AND they have chefs working daily in the back making all of the prepared foods. Holy yum! 🙂