Meatballs are probably one of my favorite things to cook, ever.

They’re easy to make, fun to put together and you’ll have a great meal in a few hours (or less) depending on how you make them.

I love utilizing crock pots, especially around this time of year, and today I decided to do a live Periscope broadcast as I fried my meatballs so you can see first hand how to do it.

I’ll be sticking that replay below, but here’s MY personal recipe on how to make meatballs for one or more:

MEAT: either use ground sirloin, ground chuck (80/20 fat is a good for either ground beef’s) OR a store’s meatloaf mix (beef, veal, pork combined). For one person you could do 1 lb of meat, for more I would do 1.5-2 lbs depending on how much you’re making.

SAUCE: Two jars of your tomato sauce of choice. My family loves using Rao’s sauce, but any store brand is amazing, today we used Michael’s of Brooklyn brand. You can also mix and match sauces too (i.e. mushroom and tomato, peppers and onion and marinara, etc.)

EGGS: for one person use 1 egg, for two + I would use two or more, depending on how fluffy you want your meatballs.

SPICES: Add spices to your mixture to taste, i.e. oregano and basil

BREAD CRUMBS: Italian seasoning bread crumbs, use 1/2 a cup to a full cup depending on how big the mixture is.

GARLIC: I LOVE garlic in meatballs, such an awesome treat / extra to your meal. I use anywhere from a few chopped cloves to a whole garlic in a mixture.



1. Mix all of the ingredients above in a bowl. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty! Mixture should be moist but not super moist, and not overly dry either (if that makes sense).

2. Roll mixture into balls (you can do anywhere from 1 inch to two inches and however thick or thin you want them)

3. With your crock pot, stick one of the jars of sauce in the pot on low to heat up while you’re frying.

4. Take a non stick frying pan and add a little olive oil and chopped garlic to the pan. Let it heat up to medium heat. Fry meatballs until entire ball is browned and the edges have a nice crisp golden brown to it.

5. Shake oil off of balls with a slotted spoon and place balls into crock pot with heated sauce. Pour second jar of sauce on top to completely cover the balls.

6. Cook on LOW until dinner time (usually around 3-4 hours will do).

Here’s the replay of my broadcast: