Tonight my mother and I had a mommy-daughter dinner night.

And when it came to picking a quick and easy recipe to make, my mom thought of stir fry.

I love making stir fry!

Here’s why:

  1. When it comes to what you actually put in it, the world is your oyster.
  2. No matter what, it’s going to be flavorful.
  3. It’s (somewhat) healthy.
  4. It’s DELICIOUS!

There are so many ways to make stir fry (and fast), but here’s how I did it tonight.

What You’ll Need:

Protein: I used a pack of about 1 lb of round stir fry beef (a lot of grocery stores sell packs of stir fry meat!), but you can use chicken, tofu, whatever suits your fancy!

Vegetables: To make life even easier for you, buy the already chopped packs of veggies from the grocery store! Many of them sell pre chopped veggies! I used tonight a pack of pre chopped peppers (4 different colors), and a pre chopped pack of broccoli and carrots.

-I know this is a vegetable too, but we love putting freshly chopped garlic into the stir fry.

Stir Fry Sauce: The world is your oyster when it comes to sauce. Tonight we used a mix of two sauces: Oyster Sauce (that really acted as a thickener, and we barely used a few tablespoons of it), and a bottle of this Stop and Shop Simply Enjoy Korean BBQ sauce that sounded really good.

Olive oil (to saute the meat/garlic)

Starch: Use a Chinese noodle or rice of your choice. Tonight we used Chow Mein noodles bought from the Asian section of the supermarket.

How to Cook It:

I approached this by using two different pots: a pot of water, with a steaming tray you put on top of the boiling water, and a frying pan.

In the pot of boiling water with the steaming tray inserted, steam all of your veggies until they’re as soft as you want them.

In the frying pan, saute the garlic for a few minutes on high.

Once the veggies are steamed, add them to the garlic pan. Add a little bit of both of your sauces, and after a few minutes, add the beef. While the beef is cooking, add a little more of the Korean BBQ sauce, and then cook the noodles in the boiling leftover veggie water for 3 minutes on high. Once the noodles are done, drain them and put them in with the veggies and beef, and then add the rest of the bottle of the Korean BBQ sauce.

Let it all cook up for another few minutes until everything is well melded and done.

Every part of this is all ballpark; cook everything to taste for you.

And voila! Here’s our final product tonight:


((And what’s dinner without a little refreshment))

Cheers!! 🙂