Happy Sunday.

A day of rest, watching TV (Netflix & chill? 😉 For me today, it’s Food Network & chill), and cooking/baking.

It dawned on me today to try to bake some homemade chocolate chip cookies. Not the break and bakes you buy at the store, the real deal.

As a kid, we would always use the Betty Crocker cookbook to bake. That cookbook, in binder form, is still around my parent’s house.

But today what’s the place to look for recipes in our digital generation?

Pinterest, of course!

So, without further ado, here’s my search.

Now as you can imagine, there are a GAZILLION recipes for chocolate chip cookies, and they’re probably ALL really good. But the one that came up first, struck me as worth trying.

“The Best Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies.”

The recipe, by Pinch of Yum, has been pinned nearly 30,000 times, and liked nearly 4000 times.

So if I put this to the test, will these prove to be the BEST SOFT chocolate chip cookies?

Here are the ingredients, and more from the post:


Forming the Dough

I have baked many chocolate chip cookies in my life thus far, but so many of the homemade ones I have found to be complicated. So many ingredients, so much dough. But they turn out to be delicious, of course, whether they come out soft, or crunchy.

This particular recipe I found to be very easy to do. The ingredients happened to be in the house so I didn’t need to go buy anything, and if I didn’t have a particular measuring spoon, eyeballing measurements wasn’t anything scary. In particular, I loved that you really had to make this dough step by step, not just putting all of the ingredients in a bowl. Mixing the sugars with MELTED butter versus a normal unmelted stick of butter makes for a softer dough. Then you add the vanilla and egg, then work in the dry ingredients. I also liked how this recipe advised for you to add the chocolate chips with your hands and mix the final dough product with your hands. It may seem like common sense, but you’re handling your dough with care!

BakingForming the Cookies

The dough is a lot softer than other doughs I have worked with…That being said, the dough itself tastes delish (don’t you just love cookie batter?!) and you don’t taste the grit of the brown sugar, moreso the vanilla extract!

Here’s the dough….

(And me eating the extra chocolate 😉 )
So just like the recipe called for, I formed 12 large balls of dough on my cookie sheet. NOTE: I refrigerated the dough for a few hours (ate dinner) before baking these, and the dough got hard. It may have been easier just to bake them when I made the dough, but they formed exactly 12 balls just like the recipe said….

I had the oven heated to 350 degrees, just like the recipe said. I cooked at first for 9 minutes…But they still looked like balls of dough. So I waited one more minute, I still felt worried, even though the recipe said in caps “DO NOT OVERBAKE”. I waited one more minute, totaling 12 instead of 9-11, and I felt more confident about taking them out of the oven:

Final Product:  

When I first took them out, they still looked a bit doughy to me. But they were dry and a barely golden brown, so like the recipe called for, I waited nearly a half hour before actually tasting one.

(Doesn’t this one look like a ball of dough?)

Here is the FINAL final product, after plating: 

Taste/Look Review:

This is definitely a cake-like chocolate chip cookie. Soft, versus crunchy or gooey. They’re definitely lighter looking than the break and bakes, and they do look different than the Pinterest picture. But they taste like chocolate chip cake-cookies. There’s less of a brown sugar taste to them, and at the same time, not a doughy taste either.

My mother tried them and she agreed with me, saying they’re “cake like” and don’t have the brown sugar taste, and they’re filling.

My father chimed in, saying they were “nice” and noted them as being like “cake” too.

So were they the BEST Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies? 


(I know, shocking).

While I think they’re great cookies and you should all definitely try them, they weren’t standout cookies. They were certainly good baked goods, but not my favorite chocolate chip cookies in the world. It made a slight memory, not a lasting memory on us.

Want to try them for yourself?! Click here!

COMMENT BELOW: What’s your favorite chocolate chip cookie? A homemade recipe? From a bakery?