This blog of mine is mostly about food.

But today, I decided to take a step outside the foodie realm and talk about nourishment…for your hair.

I have wavy, thick, coarse hair. (Which don’t get me wrong, is a huge blessing!)

Over the years, I’ve had everything under the sun done to it. Thinning it out with thinning shears, short cuts, long, layered cuts, bangs, highlights, double process bleaching, box color, salon color.

Currently, I’m working on nourishing my hair.

#1, through maintaining my hair color through using a more natural shade, #2 by keeping it healthy through hair products and #3, growing it back out longer!

As my hair grows out, however, comes knots.

When the waves in my hair kink together, and turn into big balls of hair, primarily in the back of my head.

So what do I do to get these knots out.

As a kid, I used the Johnson & Johnson No More Tangles Detangler spray.

Fast forward to today, I’ve used conditioners and deep conditioners.

But over the past year I have experimented by nourishing my hair more naturally, with, well, condiments.

One time, I tried a mayonnaise hair mask. Yes, I literally covered my head in mayo, let it sit for awhile and rinsed it out. That didn’t work.

Fast forward to today. I’m reading articles last night and today about apple cider vinegar and how it does wonders for not only your health, but for your hair!

Many YouTubers and websites have tried this method, including this video I watched earlier:

Here are some more articles I found:

So I thought, “why not?” to myself and decided to get out some ACV from the pantry. ESPECIALLY, as this method is a cheap and frugal method!

Many of the videos/websites I saw said to get a spray bottle and fill it with ACV and water.

I filled mine with about half of the bottle in ACV, and the rest water. I shook it up, and hopped in the shower to test this out:

The ACV/water filled spray bottle.

Many websites said different things, such as spray first before you hit the shower, or shampoo first and then ACV it up.

I decided to use shampoo first, then put in my ACV mixture.

My spraying method was a #fail, the spray nozzle didn’t work.

I decided to instead dump it out into my hand and put it on my hair, along with just dumping the bottle’s contents onto my head, especially where the knots were.

I let it sit a few minutes, then rinsed out with cool water, then turned it back up to warm water. I didn’t really see much of a difference, so I used some conditioner to mask the scent of the ACV.

It was towards the end of my shower I noticed a slight difference, I was able to pull through some of my knots more easily, and my hair felt clarified.

I dried my hair, no extra smoothing products on it, and here’s the result:

   My hair definitely feels a little softer, a *little* shinier. Less frizzy too, which is amazing as my hair tends to frizz. It actually enhanced my hair color a little bit too?!!

But am I completely knot free right now?


But, it certainly helped diffuse some of them.

That ACV scent is fading from my hands and hair, but it sort of did the trick on my hair. Sort of.

Have you tried ACV in your hair as a detangler? Did it work? Comment below!