So I’m as much about the drinks as I am about the food here at Kat Eats!

And today I’m talking about good ol’ vodka (it’s Friday!!).

The other weekend, I went to a liquor store with my mom, and in the back of the store was a huge tasting counter. They asked if I wanted to try a vodka I had honestly NEVER heard of until that day.

But then I thought to myself just now: there are so many types of vodka out there!

So, along with the vodka I tried at the store, here are some unique vodka’s to look out for at the liquor store, along with recipes they put out, that I think you should try!

Ones I’ve tried:

  1. Figenza Fig Vodka
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From the days of eating Fig Newtons, curiosity struck me as I heard the woman at the liquor store say to me, “Would you like to try some fig vodka?!” I could have tried it plain, but I opted for trying it in a mixed drink. The Moscow Mule is very popular right now, and the ladies at the liquor store made their own version of the Mule with the fig vodka. I liked it! It was sweet. But no, it didn’t taste like Fig Newtons! It was light and refreshing.

And here’s a little fact about Figenza from its site:

“Figenza is made with hand-picked Mediterranean Figs from Greece and Turkey and distilled 3 times to create one of the world’s most sophisticated and innovative vodkas. Figenza has become known as the “Mixologist’s best friend” due to its versatility as both a unique stand-alone cocktail and as an ingredient in a classic cocktail recipe. “

The recipe for its Mediterranean Mule is HERE. Video and all!

2. ANYTHING Three Olives.

There has not been a flavor of Three Olives I haven’t liked.

I. Love. Three. Olives.

And a fun fact from its site:

“Three Olives Vodka is nut free, lactose free, and vegan, and has been processed to remove gluten.”

So it’s gluten free, vegan, lactose and nut free, and it tastes absolutely amazing!?!

I’m in.

Plus, you can do this as a shot or in a cocktail as it’s SO good!

My favorite flavors:


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I tried it at a TGI Fridays as they used it as an ingredient in a great spin-off of a White Russian. It has the great taste of the marshmallow and chocolate that you’re looking for.

RECIPE: While I couldn’t find a recipe on its site for a S’mores White Russian, here’s a link to how to make a regular White Russian. Just substitute the S’mores vodka instead of regular vodka!


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Once again, a TGI Fridays introduced me to this very unique and fun flavored vodka. I recommend doing this by the shot, and doing it as a chilled shot. Cold, refreshing  Froot Loops flavored fun. Plus the bottle is fun to stare at too!

RECIPE: Loopade is Three Olives’ version of lemonade with a boozy loopy twist.


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I have a bottle of this. Smells and tastes like frosting and cake. BOOM! I’ve had it as both a shot and mixed with a diet or regular Coke. YUM!

RECIPE: The Birthday Suit sounds like a sweet shot for birthdays, or any other fun gathering!

Other unique flavors of theirs to look out for:

Dude (its supposed to taste like Mountain Dew!)

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RECIPE: Chill, Dude sounds like a boozy Mountain Dew or Sprite. Enjoy!

Elvis Presley Coconut Water (Did Elvis even like coconut water?! The site says this is paying homage to Elvis’ love of Hawaii. If you love coconut water I’m sure you’ll love it, boozy style!)

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RECIPE: If you’re going to try Elvis Presley Coconut Water vodka, you’ll have to try The Elvis, which sounds like a tropical visit to the islands.

Rangtang (orange and tangerine!)

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RECIPE: If you love orangey flavored goodness, you’ll be sure to love the Orange Delight.

Ones I haven’t tried but you should look out for:

  1. Smirnoff Cinnamon Churros Vodka
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If you love the flaky, cinnamon treat, how about taking it to the liquid level with this boozy treat?!

RECIPE: The Cheeky Churro does sound rather cheeky with its hits of orange and Irish cream!

2. UV Salty Caramel Apple Vodka

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It’s that limbo time between summer and Fall, and when you think of Fall, one thing that comes to mind is a caramel apple. But with the apparent trend of Salted Caramel popping up in drinks and candies alike, how about trying this boozy twist of a caramel apple, with a bit of a savory side?

RECIPE: The Caramel Cran Apple is a great blend of apples and cranberries, which definitely screams the limbo time between summer and fall, as this is an iced drink.

3. Pinnacle Cookie Dough Vodka & County Fair Cotton Vodka

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Dunkin’ Donuts came out with Cookie Dough flavored coffee, so why not have Cookie Dough flavored vodka too? Cookie dough, liquid style.

RECIPE: The Pinnacle Cookie-Tini looks like a milkshake in a martini glass. Mm mm mmm.

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Bring the fair to your cocktail glass with this sugary sweet vodka.

RECIPE: A shot of Pinnacle’s Cotton Bonbon Shot will more than likely take you to the fair, without actually heading to the fair!

COMMENT BELOW: Have you come across any unique vodka flavors in your travels? Please share!