Do you think about its taste? Does all water taste the same?

I don’t think it does. Depending on the filter, the source, and what may or may not be added into it, each cup of water, whether it be tap or the most expensive bottle of water ever, is different.

Which brings me to Saturday afternoon (May 17).

I’m browsing the aisles of my local Kroger, and I’m headed down the water aisle.

I love buying the big bottle jugs of water (i.e. Ice Mountain or Nestle Pure Life), but the last time I bought water, I bought a 6 pack of Fiji water.

Ah, Fiji.
There’s something special to me about buying the Fiji water over other brands of bottled water. It’s always stood out to me, and tastes amazing, with a light, clean and smooth taste. (P.S. I don’t know about you, but I’m not really into Evian). Comment below and let me know which brand(s) of water you like!

I’ve noticed there are starting to be some other brands who want in on the I’m-from-out-of-the-country-you-must-try-my-water train. So I went ahead and bought the two I keep seeing, and am comparing the two to Fiji water.

The contenders, 3 500 ml bottles:

L-R: Kiwaii, Fiji, Icelandic Glacial
L-R: Kiwaii, Fiji, Icelandic Glacial

Icelandic Glacial

Country/Source: Ölfus Spring, Iceland

Price: $1 at Kroger for a 500 ml bottle

Packaging: Narrow top but wider square bottom. I love the way the top looks like an actual glacier, a very nice touch. I love how the bottle says multiple times “the source of an epic life.” The packaging also says the water has a pH level of 8.4, which is good.

Taste: When I first drank it, I thought the consistency was almost too light, like I was drinking air. I was shocked at the light consistency of this water. It was clean, and almost didn’t have taste as to how light it was, which impressed me, making me think, “Wow, is this what it’s like to sip water near a beautiful glacier?!” Overall was satisfied.

Compared to Fiji: Fiji is definitely a little thicker in consistency. Just like Fiji (and Kiwaii), there’s a natural lava rock filtration system going on with this water. As Fiji notes on its website that it has a “soft and smooth” taste due to the filtering through the volcanic rock in Fiji, which according to its site, adds electrolytes and minerals, but you can definitely taste the mineral-y taste in Fiji compared to the Icelandic. 


Country/Source: Blue Spring, New Zealand.

Price: $1.29 for a 500 ml bottle, with Kroger card $1

Packaging: The look of it is very similar to Fiji, except different color packaging and a narrower/skinnier bottle. The Kiwaii is written vertically as well. On the bottle it says “100% True New Zealand Spring Water”, along with “Water You Can Trust.” While I appreciate that its saying I can trust this water, are we not supposed to trust other water bottles? Is there something wrong with other water bottles, is there “true” water and “false” water? What makes up “false” water? The bottle struck my curiosity.

Taste/Compared to Fiji: It’s another water that comes from a source having to do with volcanic rock (like Fiji), so I was expecting it to be just like Fiji. It was definitely lighter than Fiji, but definitely not as airy as the Icelandic was. There definitely was a “taste” I was picking up as I sipped on it, perhaps the minerals? Overall this one is good too, a little lighter than Fiji.

Fiji’s latest campaign says: “Earth’s Finest Water, Perfected by Nature, Untouched by Man.”

It’s amazing the words that are used to make you drink or not drink something. I have always loved Fiji water, but trying the other two newer bottles into the market, Fiji definitely has some competition.

Each of the two contenders were good in their own right. I do think Kiwaii is very similar to Fiji, and if you like Fiji water you’ll like Kiwaii. But if I had to pick Kiwaii or Icelandic Glacial, I’d pick the Icelandic Glacial. I really enjoyed drinking that bottle, and I really liked its packaging.

I thought the pricing was interesting too. Each one is about a dollar a bottle, the Icelandic Glacial being $1 at Kroger right now, and the Kiwaii being $1 if you have a Kroger card. You can get a pack of six 500 ml bottles of Fiji at Kroger for $6.19 right now, which equals about $1.03 per single 500 ml bottle.

Which water brand(s) do you like? Is there a difference in taste when you drink different waters? Comment below!