I’ll admit to you all right now, I’m a huge believer of horoscopes.

While yes, sometimes what the sites say do not always match up to your current situation, horoscopes really do say a lot about personality and in the cool article I found tonight, what you eat.

The Daily Meal wrote an article highlighting “Your Food Horoscope,” foods based off “your sign.”

Photo credit: dreamstime.com

Click here to read about yours, but for a sneak preview, here’s what the site had to say about my sign, the Taurus:

“The Taurus sign is one born for good food and drink. Anything rich is right up their alley. Think decadent chocolate and full body wines too, as their bull sign is indicative of their, ahem, passionate natures. Do not do a common salad, they’ll be sad you skimped. Of course, such richness can sometimes cause a little pouch in the stomach, so be sure not to be too sedentary. “

So did The Daily Meal get it right?

For the most part, yes. I love good food and drink, and rich foods most definitely.  I love my chocolate, and full bodied wines (dry over sweet, white and red it’s a toss up). But I do love simple salads, haha!

Enjoy, and please comment to me and let me know what it says about you and whether you agree or disagree!