This looks DELISH. 🙂



Oh wow. 

These turned out way better than I had anticipated, and I couldn’t wait to share this recipe with you! 

These cookies ate the perfect balance between crunch and munch: they’re crispy and golden brown on the edges, and melty-gooey in the center. Absolutely stunning, and absolutely killer with a glass of cold milk.

But of course, a texture explosion is nothing if it isn’t accompanied by an equally amazing flavor explosion. The beauty of kitchen sink cookies is the balance of flavors: there’s that indulgent chocolate, yes, but also a light tang of cranberries, the nutty aroma of walnuts, and that warm hint of cinnamon.

And if that weren’t enough to convince you, you can also substitute in basically anything your heart desires: caramel, almonds, dried blueberries, butterscotch chips, honey, etc etc. Just throw in your entire pantry.

Make a huge batch and share (with me). And if…

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