Photo Credit: Starbucks U.K.’s Facebook page.

This cool article of the week comes from Eater.

As soon as I saw this, I thought to myself: “Duffin? What’s that? I must read on.”

The article is called “Starbucks UK’s Sad Take on the Hybrid Pastry: The Duffin.”

Now, I’ll admit, I don’t agree with what my cool article of the week is saying, which ironically, is why I picked it. I don’t think the duffin is a “sad take” on the hybrid pastry at all.

I actually think it’s really cool that the U.K. is experimenting with pastries, just like chefs like Dominique Ansel are with his cronut here in the U.S.  Right on.

So to cut to the chase, what is a duffin?

Starbucks U.K. recently released this pastry, which is a mix between a donut and a muffin. It has raspberry jam inside of it. To me, it actually sounds really cool, like you’re getting the donut with the jelly inside, but a little bigger, that’s all.

Its website says: “Our Duffin is filled with a raspberry jam; we’ve added just a hint of nutmeg to our buttermilk base and then covered it in sugar once baked.”

So the floor’s open to you all, would you try a duffin?