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Happy (Almost) September!

My cool article of the week is a local to Dayton article.

These two authors are fellow foodies, fellow food writers and have launched an idea that to me is a great thing for Dayton: Food Adventures.

I met Superfry and the Big Ragu at one of their Food Adventures and these guys are really cool. They have a TRUE passion for food. They write for Dayton’s Most Metro. 

If you haven’t checked out one of their Food Adventures yet, you should. There’s always delicious food involved, and these guys make it so much fun, with prizes, speeches, good laughter and good times. AND, they write about locally owned restaurants too.

So honestly, when I saw this article, deemed my cool article of the week, I was not surprised they were hanging out with Dayton’s mayor Gary Leitzell!

They’ve run into him at several community events, and this article is an encompassing collection of the places our mayor likes to go eat, as well as some fun facts about him too, and of course, as the Superfry and Big Ragu always have, an awesome photo gallery too!

Cheers to you guys, you all rock!

Enjoy. 🙂