If you love champagne, this post is for you.

I am a huge lover of wines. But lately, if I had to choose between wine and sparking wine/prosecco/champagne, I’d go for the bubbly.

There’s something about the feel of the bubbles in your mouth as you sip it in a chilled champagne glass (the skinny tall flutes or the one shown in my picture). And while I’m a dry wine person over sweet (but yes, I do tolerate some sweet wines), there’s a huge variety of sparkling wines you can pick up at the store lately.  And you can find some really delicious champagnes, at REALLY great prices. A huge plus!

Like the one in my picture, the Barefoot Bubbly Pink Moscato – it’s a sweet champagne (and happens to be pink!). It’s SUPER cheap (depending on where you go, it’s about $10-$12 a bottle), and the fruity flavor pops out at you, it’s not overly sweet either. A favorite of mine!

Which brings me to this: I came across this article and I am donning it the “cool article of the week” in my book.


Bottlenotes writes how researchers at a university in the U.K. are studying the bubbly first hand. The study’s results point to this: If you drink three glasses of Champagne a week, it could benefit your memory, and possibly, possibly, possibly!!! even ward off diseases such as dementia.

How cool is that!

Read the article to find out more, and here’s the link to the actual press release from the university.

And a tidbit for after you read it: what champagnes/sparkling wines are you into? Join the conversation below!