Ah, peanut butter.

The sticky, sweet and savory treat.

Have you ever turned on the TV, heard commercials and TV shows talk about a product and then all of a sudden you really crave it?

Last night this occurrence (somewhat) happened to me.

I was watching television and speaking to one of my friends via Twitter. She had mentioned how she was having almond butter with Fuji apple slices. This sounded so delicious, and we got into a discussion of almond butter and what to make with it.

I pondered the idea of an AB&J (almond butter and jelly) sandwich. And AB & chocolate.

But then the 90’s cartoon show “Hey Arnold” came on around 1 a.m., and all the characters were talking about peanut butter. My mouth started watering. I went to the cabinet, grabbed the jar of peanut butter and a spoon.

My next thought: “how can I jazz this up and not eat the peanut butter straight?”

A delicious assortment of nuts and dried berries from the cabinet.

Which inspires my recipe this morning.

One of my favorite things to eat as a kid were peanut butter balls. One of the nannies I had as a kid used to make them.

So for a great breakfast snack, why not take the nuts and PB and make a ball out of it?

And add some chocolate for pizazz and a great kick?

Here’s what resulted: a crunchy, sweet, savory, tangy ball of goodness that’ll give you some extra energy and nutrients for your day! According to an article by LIVESTRONG, peanut butter has protein to help build and repair muscle tissue, fiber to help regulate your digestive system, healthy fats that help lower your risk to heart disease and type 2 diabetes and potassium in it to counteract the negative effects of too much salt in your diet! Berries can help lower your cancer risk, according to a Huffington Post article, and Harvard Medical School researchers said that eating nuts are great for your cardiovascular health!

Eat on! And here’s my recipe for what I decided to call PBNO (peanut butter/berry, nut, oreo) balls!

PBNO Balls

1 tbsp peanut butter of your choice

1 tbsp nuts and berries mix of your choice (could be from a can or bag)

1 chocolate sandwich cookie of your choice



What I used today!

1. Combine peanut butter and nuts/berry mix in a bowl.

2. Crush down chocolate sandwich cookie into crumbs.

3. Roll peanut butter, nut and berry mixture into two balls.

4. Roll the two balls into oreo crumb mixture.

5. Serve.






Mug o' milk!

And be sure to have that mug of milk handy to wash it all down.


PS: Your hands will get messy from this concoction!