Yesterday, while I stopped at Hayground Market, my mom stopped at one of our favorite supermarkets in Long Island: Uncle Giuseppe’s Marketplace.

Long Islanders, if you haven’t been to Uncle G’s (which I call it for short), you should head there as soon as you can!

This supermarket is local to Long Island only, and is Italian themed. Frank Sinatra music plays overhead as you browse the aisles of not only regular groceries, but fresh fish, fresh meat, fresh made pasta and sauces, fresh Italian pastries, cakes and cookies, a HUGE prepared foods section/deli with tons of entrees, sides and appetizers (such as rice balls, one of my favorite Italian dishes!), and amazing fresh produce.

While browsing at Uncle G’s, my mom found a container of one of my family’s favorite desserts: lemon squares, by a local company called Have Your Cake, Ltd. She bought two packs of lemon squares for us to try that night for dessert after our dinner consisting of steak, corn and tomatoes.

These lemon squares were outrageously good. In fact, these changed my whole perspective on lemon squares as a whole:

First of all, when you lift up the square, you can feel how light and airy the square will be when you eat it. It’s a very delicate bar, and may crumble in your hand. There are no preservatives in the square, and Have Your Cake, Ltd. uses very simple ingredients for these: sugar, eggs, organic wheat flour, butter, fresh lemon juice, baking powder, natural flavors, confectioners sugar and cornstarch to prevent caking.

When you take a bite, you can taste the buttery, flaky crust first, then the sweet, a little tangy, and almost crystallized texture of the lemon part, and then the sweet confectioners sugar on top. The whole square melts in your mouth really quickly, and truly raises the bar for me on what a lemon bar should be.

If you’re at Uncle G’s, or you happen to be in Quogue, N.Y. (where Have Your Cake, Ltd. is located), definitely check out the sweets and confections from Have Your Cake, Ltd. If the lemon squares were really delicious, I have a very strong feeling the other sweets, including brownies and cakes, will be just as amazing!

Have Your Cake, Ltd.

Quogue, N.Y.