It’s been almost a month since my hometown of Westport, C.T. has been graced with the presence of popular NYC burger joint: Shake Shack.

I’ve only been to the ‘Shack in NYC once, at the Times Square location, with two of my AJ friends. That day we tried its shakes and Concretes (similar to Dairy Queen‘s Blizzards with candy/fruit/etc. mixed into ice cream, except with the ‘Shack’s frozen custard).

The first Concrete I had was a make-your-own-concrete with chocolate custard with chocolate covered pretzels and marshmallow sauce. It was so delicious and perfectly thick: it had the sweet chocolatey ice cream and marshmallow mixed with the sweet yet salty chocolate covered pretzels. I thought that if I went to the new Shake Shack in Westport, I’d find the same ingredients to make a similar Concrete.

Well, nope, I was wrong.

But happily surprised, I was.

What I noticed, after looking at the Westport menu and at all of the Shake Shack menus online, is that the Concretes ($6.50 for a regular size, $4.25 for a half size), and the ingredients for the make-your-own-concrete, are very much based on the location you’re in. For instance, the Times Square location had one called “The Great White Way” with vanilla custard, marshmallow sauce, and crispy crunchies.

At the new Westport location, where I have stopped by twice over the past two weekends, is located right next to the Old Sasco Mill and Sasco Creek. Shake Shack actually decided to make a concrete called the “Sasco ‘Crete.” It was so clever and exciting, and what was inside the frozen custard mixture excited me even more: a slice of locally baked, seasonal pie. The day I went and tried this particular concrete, the pie of the day was blueberry. Yum! I had to try it out.

After seeing this Concrete on the menu, however, I first thought, “Wait a second, how is a whole slice of pie going to be mixed in with the thick custard?!”

But here’s the result:

Oh my goodness. The texture and consistency may look funny to some, but oh my gosh, what a heavenly dessert. The combination of blueberries and vanilla frozen custard are perfect together: tangy blueberries with sweet, creamy vanilla frozen custard. But what took it over the top was the taste of the flaky, buttery, chunky crust with a hint of cinnamon. Wow.

If you’re in Westport, I definitely recommend trying the Concretes at Shake Shack, as well as the delicious fresh made burgers and fries:

And if you’re looking for a dessert with a local spin on it, definitely check out not only Westport’s Shake Shack, but all of the different Shake Shack’s in the City and beyond. You never know which Concrete you’ll like! Or you may just develop one of your own that steals your heart away.

(P.S. – At the Westport location, also try the Banana Post Rd. concrete, which has chocolate custard, caramelized cocoa nibs, bananas and sea salt! It was absolutely a “balanced nirvana” mixture of sweet chocolate, fluffy bananas and the hint of sea salt to balance it out.)

Shake Shack

1849 Post Road E.

Westport, C.T., 06880


Sun. – Wed. : 11 a.m.  – 10 p.m.

Thurs. – Sat. 11 a.m. – 11 p.m.