“Seven, eleven.”

So catchy, right?

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These two numbers come together in a beautiful harmony. Besides both rhyming with each other, these numbers, and the winning phrase, stick on Long Island. In fact, when I drive along the major roads where I live, such as routes 25-A , 112 and 347, you can pretty much find a 7-11 store every 10 to 15 minutes in both directions.  It’s a staple to our culture, Long Island.

If you haven’t heard of the wondrous 24-hour convenience store known for its refreshing Big Gulp’s or frozen slushies (Slurpees), 7-11 is found on many major street corners, offering up food, drinks and some groceries. Sometimes you’ll even find a gas station attached. It’s a one-stop-shop.

Today, 7-11-11, marks a holiday at this fine store.  Not just any holiday, however, its 84th birthday! That’s huge. Happy Birthday, 7-11!

The convenience store was born on July 11, 1927. To celebrate, it gives us a birthday present every year. What, you ask? Free 7.11 oz cups of Slurpees, at ALL locations! Yummy.

This event brings me to the following question for you all, though:  where were you when you had your first Slurpee?

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I’ll be honest, I don’t entirely remember where I had my first, but the first that comes to memory was going with my mom to the only 7-11 in the area where we lived in CT, tucked away in the beautiful town of Fairfield. I remember being really excited to take the trips with her and be able to choose the flavor(s) I wanted, especially because unlike Long Island, it wasn’t just down the block, but a bit of a drive. We would always get the Coca-Cola ones. To this day, we still do, especially for my mom (she loves the Coca-Cola one!). But I always loved to mix all the flavors, including the original cherry or blue raspberry, to the other more unique flavors it has now. These drinks have a very special place in my heart. I’m curious if slurpees spark similar memories for you too. If you have a Slurpee story, please share it with me below!

On a warm day, especially like today, a slurpee hits the spot.

So in honor of the 7-11 birthday extravaganza, I thought I’d share with you some fun facts that you may not have known about 7-11 and its magnificent Slurpees that I found on its website.

Did you know that…

  • 7-Eleven was the first convenience store retailer to offer all major soft drink brands at the fountain, giving customers a “freedom of choice”?
  • The most Slurpees are sold in Winnipeg, Manitoba, in Canada, followed by Detroit, Mich? (However, the #1 store in the world for Slurpee sales is located in Kennewick, Wash.!)
  • Almost 13 million Slurpee® beverages are drank by 7-11 customers each month (Favorite flavors: Coca-Cola and Minute Maid Cherry)?
  •  Since Slurpees were introduced in 1966, close to 6.5 billion Slurpees have been sold, almost enough for every person on the planet?
  • Long Islanders buy the most coffee from 7-11 stores? (Go us!)
  • 7-11 sells 41 million gallons of milk each year? (According to 7-11, it’s enough to pour more than two glasses of milk for every man, woman and child in the United States!)
  • Enough fountain drinks are sold at 7-Eleven stores in a year to fill Walt Disney World’s Typhoon Lagoon twice?

We are certainly drinking a lot of COFFEE, Long Island! Go, us. And Slurpee’s!

And, well, a lot of milk, too. Gotta get in those three glasses a day, right?

One final thought, before I send you off to your free Slurpees: the calorie counts on an 8 ounce Slurpee are not terrible!

From its website- here are some of the counts to know before you go!

For one 8 oz. Slurpee:

Fanta Wild Cherry: 66 cal. / 5 mg. sodium

Barq’s Root Beer: 66 cal. / 7 mg. sodium

Coca-Cola: 65 cal. / 6 mg. sodium

Crystal Light Peach Mango Fusion (sugar-free!): 60 cal. / 85 mg. sodium

Fanta Banana: 69 cal. / 5 mg. sodium

Fanta Blue Raspberry: 65 cal. / 5 mg. sodium

Goji Berry Cherry: 67 cal. / 5 mg. sodium

Pepsi: 60 cal. / 10 mg. sodium

Mountain Dew: 60 cal. / 20 mg. sodium

If you are watching calories, however, I would avoid the Dr. Pepper Slurpee, as it has 150 calories per 8 oz cup and 35 mg.’s of sodium.

I look forward to hearing about which Slurpee flavor(s) you’re all getting today and your Slurpee memories.

Happy 7-11!