Bittersweet Wine Bar & Desserts:

121 W. Fayette Street 
Syracuse, N.Y. 13202

Monday – Wednesday: 11am – 12am
Thursday – Friday: 11am – 2am
Saturday: 4pm – 2am
Sunday: closed


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If you take a stroll through Armory Square, you will notice a new sweet spot there: Bittersweet Wine Bar & Desserts.

At the Bittersweet Wine Bar and Desserts Grand Opening Event.

Its name speaks for itself. If you head to Bittersweet, wine and desserts will be in your future.

But that’s not all Bittersweet offers. According to owner Patrizia Barbieri, Bittersweet is like a one-stop shop.

“If sweets aren’t your thing, choose from an assortment of scrumptious grilled Panini or salad creations,” said the website’s home page.

Originally wanting the new restaurant to be a café, Barbieri came up with the concept after speaking with her friend.

“He said, ‘Well you should really open a place where you yourself would want to go,” Barbieri said.

The desserts on the menu are the creation of Patrizia’s sister, Lucia, who is a pastry chef. Lucia went to pastry school in New York City at the Institute for Culinary Education.

Patrizia said she added a few items to the menu as well. As far as the creation of the menu, Patrizia said both sisters wanted to tailor the menu to what customers would like.

Patrizia is the business woman of the operation. Patrizia attended SUNY Buffalo for business, and said she originally wanted to work in a big corporation. Opening Bittersweet, she said, brings her into the business world minus wearing a suit. She said she loves numbers, organizing things and being busy.

Bittersweet’s Grand Opening Event was on Saturday November 6, 2010 from 7 p.m. to 2 a.m. I attended with a friend of mine and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves as we talked, tasted dessert samples and tried some wine.

The cozy, warm colored room was constantly packed when I was there, from 7 p.m. until around midnight when I left. The bar seats were constantly filled, tables were full and there was even one table at the entrance where two ladies shared the one seat available at the table! They were quite content, however, as they shared desserts and conversation.

The atmosphere was very warm and relaxing: dim pink and white lights hanging throughout the restaurant. There were dark tables and bar counters and white stools and chairs.  Pink candles were lit at each table.

One of the "Death by Chocolate" samples I had at Bittersweet Wine Bar & Desserts.

The friendly staff brought several mini dessert samples for partygoers to try. These were on hot pink plastic trays with white doilies.  Some of the ones I had were tiramisu, carrot cake, chocolate mousse, regular and brownie cheesecake.

While every dessert absolutely wowed me that night by appearance and flavors, the number one dessert in my book was the “Death By Chocolate” mini-cake (pictured). These fudgey, gooey little morsels melted in my mouth. It came in a white doilie, with chocolate drizzled on top.

If you love sweets, this place is for you. If you’re not into desserts, try the other selections. Wash it all down with one of the many wines or bottled beers. Regardless of what you have, Bittersweet is open into the late night hours for people to come by and relax.