Silk’s Dark Chocolate PureAlmond Milk

Hi everyone!
One of the things I love to do while shopping for groceries is browse the aisles and see if there are any new, interesting items out on the shelves!

Recently, in one of my trips to Wegman’s, I was browsing the aisles in the Organic section.

While in their Organic refrigerated section, I came upon some some cartons of Silk PureAlmond Dark Chocolate Milk! This intrigued me.

Why, you ask?
I have just recently started to see Almond Milk around the stores. I love almonds, and while I knew there was such things as Almond butter, the milk was new to me!

Not only was it Almond Milk, but DARK CHOCOLATE Almond Milk. I love chocolate! While I have tried Silk’s Chocolate Soymilk and loved it, I wanted to see how this new product was.

Here’s a video of me trying the Dark Chocolate Almond Milk!