"Mojo" Turkey Sandwich, DARWIN

DARWIN. 211 N. Clinton St. Syracuse

“Mojo Turkey Sandwich”: fresh roasted turkey with fresh sauteed spinach and melted swiss, finished with a homemade cranberry aioli on a wheat roll.
DELICIOUS! The fresh flavors complement one another–the fluffy turkey combined with the beautifully cooked spinach…The homemade cranberry aioli is absolutely incredible and truly makes the sandwich! The Swiss and wheat roll give it that nice complement from the sweet tasting cranberries on the sandwich. Every flavor on this sandwich melts in your mouth as you eat it.

DARWIN’s menu evolves every week! If you go this week the menu may be completely different next week. Each week there is a new story up on their website, http://www.darwinonclinton.com from co-owner Daryl McGrew. The staff is amazing!!

The sandwiches are a reasonable price, too. And they’re BIG!

If you’re looking for a great place to have a quick & tasty sandwich for lunch I definitely recommend DARWIN to you. It’s open from 9:30am till 2:30pm, Monday thru Friday.